Steve Jones confirmed as Channel 4’s Formula 1 presenter

Steve Jones will be presenting Channel 4’s coverage of Formula 1, it has been confirmed today. Jones succeeds Suzi Perry as lead presenter of Formula 1 on terrestrial television in the United Kingdom, Perry having presented BBC’s coverage from 2013 to 2015.

The appointment of Jones will come as a surprise to many Formula 1 fans given his lack of experience in presenting sporting events. As revealed though on the site, Jones has been widely expected to become lead presenter since late January. Channel 4 are going down the same route as they took with their American Football highlights coverage in 2013. In that instance, the corporation hired Vernon Kay as lead presenter.

Jones has had a long relationship with Channel 4, dating back to the early 2000s when he presenting their children strand T4 from 2003 to 2010. Since then, Jones has had stints with other broadcasters, such as presenting Let’s Dance for Comic Relief on BBC One and The X Factor USA on Fox. In recent years, Jones has returned to Channel 4, presenting Young, Free & Single: Live and My Kitchen Rules: UK.

Inevitably, there will be people who see the appointment of Jones and instantly write off Channel 4’s coverage of Formula 1. It may remind readers of Melanie Sykes’s failed stint of presenting BT Sport’s MotoGP coverage, in that both did not present sport before their respective motor sport stints. What Jones will have on his side is that the Australian Grand Prix is a highlights weekend for Channel 4. As I discussed last month, Australia will be a dry-run for the whole team, it will be an opportunity for Jones to get used to presenting Formula 1 without the pressure of live television.

I think, in the very least, Jones should be given a chance. Just because Sykes did not work out in MotoGP, it does not mean Jones should be dismissed as Channel 4’s Formula 1 presenter. I’m optimistic that it will be successful. As always, time will tell but Jones has an experienced team of Formula 1 experts around him, including David Coulthard to help guide and steer the ship.


4 thoughts on “Steve Jones confirmed as Channel 4’s Formula 1 presenter

  1. As well as Vernon and steve, another former presenter of T4 has of course gone onto C4 Sports presenting – Rick Edwards – who has done well on Paralympics coverage (and was one of the names being considered for the presenting role according to this site).

  2. We are ardent fans of F1 and watched the Australian Grand Prix. I’m afraid Steve Jones did not do it for us. Suzi Perry had a lot of knowledge of F1 and the rapport between her and David and Eddie was noticeable. What is it having all men on the screen? Yes I know you have Suzi Woolf and Lee but the three men for us was a no no! I know he’s handsome but I as a woman get the feeling he knows it! I would just like to know WHY you changed the format? I shall give it a couple more goes but we are not happy with the change!

  3. Cant understand why on earth a sport inexperienced presenter . steve jones. would be chosen as formula 1 presenter. He is so annoying and knows nil about F1. Would be lost if he didn’t have his tablet. Is this just another case of making fun of the welsh by allowing this fool on our screens.!! and how does David Coultard put up with him referring to him as ‘DC’!

  4. I had my doubts about Jones’ appointment but decided to see how he performed. Now, at the end of the 2018 season, my first impression of a pompus, posing peacock hasbeen confirmed. With so many F1 experienced presenters why was this person signed up. Please C4, time for a change.

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