Thomas and Griffiths no longer part of BT’s MotoGP team

Iwan Thomas and Abi Griffiths will not be part of BT Sport’s MotoGP team for the 2016 season, it has been confirmed.

Both Thomas and Griffiths took to Twitter to announce the news:

The confirmation follows the announcement last week that Suzi Perry is joining BT’s team, presenting alongside Craig Doyle throughout the season, although she will not be on-site until Jerez.

Given the Perry news, it is not too surprising that Thomas and Griffiths are leaving the team, although somewhat disappointing in the case of the latter as I thought Griffiths grew as MotoGP presenter throughout 2015. Inevitably, there was always going to be someone being dropped somewhere down the train as a result of Formula 1 moving to Channel 4, and this appears to be where the buck has stopped.

In other MotoGP news, BT Sport’s coverage this season will be sponsored by Suzuki.


2 thoughts on “Thomas and Griffiths no longer part of BT’s MotoGP team

  1. shame that BT has decided to drop Iwan Thomas as he brought a new exciting, watchable and non-stuffy atmosphere to presenting. Whilst I like Susie Perry – why go back to ‘old’ ways. Iwan’s was better – unlikely to watch Chequered flag from now on

    1. He is an absolute idiot,good riddance,abi couldn’t pronounce her r S and had no knowledge of the sport,I don’t know who hires the people for these positions,they want firing too

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