Formula 1 finally launches on Facebook

A year after Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, but better late than never: Formula 1 finally has an official page on Facebook!

The page, which has been verified by Facebook, made its first post earlier today. The launch comes fifteen months after Marissa Pace, Formula One Management’s Digital Media Manager, confirmed plans for a Facebook page. So far, the page has posted video content, including archive footage from both the 1999 and 2002 Australian Grand Prix.

It is fair to say that this has been a long time in the making. If 2015 was a big year for Formula One Management from a social media perspective, it looks like 2016 will be even bigger.

Update on March 16th at 18:40 – Facebook is in the process of migrating all the likes from the old Formula 1 fan page (which, for those familiar, would have just contained the generic Wikipedia description with no content) into the official page. As I write this, the official page has 322,795 likes. Two hours ago, that number was around 20,000 likes… it is pretty clear that Facebook are merging all the likes from the old page into the official page. The old page had 1.8 million likes, so if the official page has 1.8 million likes within the next few hours or so, we know why. I strongly doubt this is a case of FOM buying followers.

Update on March 16th at 19:50 – This is definitely Facebook transferring the likes over. The official page has jumped through the half a million barrier now as a result. You know they are real likes as well. In my case I can see that some other people I know are now liking the official version having previously liked the fan page. Also, FOM have prohibited sites from embedding videos externally, which page owners have the right to do.

 This post will be updated in forthcoming days.


4 thoughts on “Formula 1 finally launches on Facebook

  1. I did like that they have spent some time on the history, with short reviews of every year since 1950. Some have images attached too but there is the potential to develop that perhaps.

  2. Facebook and silly likes, not for me or any of my friends.
    But suppose they have to be there.
    Do long for the day all the social media crap like facebook goes away, luckily you can ignore mostly ignore it.
    What I hate is when they put the hashtaggy things on the tv coverage, whats the point, if you are using it you would know that already and probably have your finger and head buried in your phone anyway.

  3. What a fast if lewis had done what rosburg did today he would have been pinalised.what a joke
    Why don’t the same rules a ply to all dirvers.

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