New documentary to showcase ten F1 classic races

A new documentary coming soon on Blu-ray and DVD is to showcase ten Formula 1 classic races. The documentary, which will be released at the end of October, will include new footage from Formula One Management’s (FOM) archive.

According to Duke Video, the documentary will run to 100 minutes, meaning that there will be around ten minutes of footage from each race. The documentary includes insight from the personalities at the centre of each race weekend.

The races that will be featured are:

  • 1984 Portuguese Grand Prix – Niki Lauda
  • 1986 Australian Grand Prix – Alain Prost
  • 1987 British Grand Prix – Nigel Mansell
  • 1990 USA Grand Prix – Jean Alesi
  • 1994 German Grand Prix – Gerhard Berger
  • 1997 European Grand Prix – Jacques Villeneuve
  • 1999 European Grand Prix – Johnny Herbert
  • 2000 French Grand Prix – David Coulthard
  • 2007 Grand Prix of Europe – Fernando Alonso
  • 2011 Canadian Grand Prix – Jenson Button

A tweet from AUTOSPORT’s Glenn Freeman confirms that the documentary includes new camera angles of both Nigel Mansell’s blow out in Adelaide 1986 and Jos Verstappen’s pit lane explosion in Hockenheim 1994, amongst other things.

4 thoughts on “New documentary to showcase ten F1 classic races

  1. Do you think they’ll ever release this & season reviews through iTunes? I would buy them, but don’t own a DVD player anymore!!

  2. I recently posted a video at Youtube of Reginaldo Leme (Globo TV, Brazil) talking about the competition between Ayrton Senna and Nelson Piquet during their carreers in F1. FOM blocked the video world wide due to TM issues. May you consider to liberate the video in Brazil, so the fans of both, Senna and Piquet, can discuss about it? That’s my only purpose on posting the video. Thanks a lot.

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