No studio presentation team for Channel 5’s Formula E coverage

In a stark contrast to ITV’s bells and whistles effort in the first two seasons of the Formula E championship, Channel 5 are taking things in a different direction.

It appears the broadcaster will not be adding any of its own ‘wrap around’ studio discussion, instead choosing to just take the World Feed for the complete duration, a move that is understood to be down to budgetary constraints, multiple sources have told this site.

This is noticeable in the schedule for the Hong Kong ePrix: which runs at 120 minutes in length from 07:30 to 09:30 on Channel 5. The only voices Channel 5 viewers will hear on Sunday 9th October will be Nicki Shields in pit lane along with Martin Haven and Dario Franchitti in the commentary box.

ITV’s studio coverage regularly featured the likes of Marc Priestley, Jaime Alguersuari and Alex Brundle amongst others, all of which viewers are unlikely to hear much from in season three on Channel 5, unless plans change further down the line.

Furthermore, qualifying from Hong Kong is not scheduled for live broadcast on Spike TV, although this really should not be a surprise given the early time slot (even if it contradicts the press release). However, all sessions should be aired live on Channel 5’s social media outlets.

Given the large gaps for the first few races, it is always possible that a change of direction occurs with relation to the studio element if viewing figures are higher than anticipated. I can’t say I blame Channel 5 for not pursuing studio coverage given ITV’s viewing figures, but it suggests that the broadcaster does not have much faith in Formula E – even at this early stage in the contract.


5 thoughts on “No studio presentation team for Channel 5’s Formula E coverage

  1. That’s a shame, it’s always been good to get that extra bit of analysis from the studio, even if some of the edits for breaks and between the world feed have been bad at times…

  2. ITV’s build up was just a waste of an hours air time, so I’m not surprised that Channel 5 aren’t bothering.

    1. Totally agree, the itv stuff was awful and added nothing. Glad to see Nicki Shields is still there, she dis a great job. Not sure about Martin, he is ok and done plenty over the years, but not sure he fits with this series. Sure they could have found another younger commentator in the likes of Jack or even Jacques from GP2/3. Wonder why Jack moved on from it, surely he does not enjoy the radio f1 stuff more.
      Will not be bothering with C5, just watch all the world feed and all the other sessions on the app.

    2. Agreed, I always watched the world feed via the Fe channel on YouTube only moving to it when I was cut off

  3. Well if the tv world feed is the same pathetic affair as this last season then I cannot see anyone bothering with it at all.
    Whoever does the world feed and is responsible for camera and mic positions should be shot, hung, drawn and quartered! They have given no consideration to making anything of the series. They have treated it like a Ginetta club race, except a Ginett club race is rather better!
    For goodness sake is it not obvious that electric cars need to be treated differently and that the sound of racing is a prime factor in bringing the excitement to the audience? Apparently not to the producers of the tv feed. The cameras always show racing in a corridor of high walls, it coul dbe anywhere they all look identical. The missing sound comes from the motors and the tyres and mice on the camera position do not pick it up they very obviously need mics almost on the ground or with parabolic reflectors aimed a the corners and acceleration/braking points. Come on this is so fundamentally elementary to the series. With no background except walls and virtually no sound it is a dead loss. So Mr Agag needs to fire the tv team and get a new quick before it is too late, in fact it is probably too late anyway. To go to a new season with even less input is not even worth thinking about.
    I hope I am wrong and they manage to make it exciting but it will need a fundamental kick up the arse!

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