Survey: Your 2019 motor racing viewing habits

Hi all,

Before I begin this post, a huge thank you to everyone who responded positively to the re-branding of the website last month, the reaction was much greater than I anticipated.

I re-branded the site to Motorsport Broadcasting to better reflect the content that I was writing throughout the course of a season.

In the past few years, Motorsport Broadcasting has branched out to cover motor sport beyond Formula 1, such as MotoGP, Formula E, and the World Rally Championship, with more to come moving forward.

As part of the re-brand, and on the eve of the 2019 motor racing season, I have created a survey to gauge what championships you follow the most, and what you would like the site to focus more on moving forward.

Survey: Your 2019 motor racing viewing habits

The survey lists a range of championships, with a value of 1 to 5 required, 1 being ‘I do not plan to follow this championship at all in 2019’, to 5 being ‘I intend to follow this championship during the whole of 2019’.

UK fans have an additional question related to the changes in Formula 1 coverage for this season, whilst there is an opportunity at the end of the survey to give thoughts on things you think I could cover differently on this site.

Part of this is user research to inform the website content over the course of the next year, part of it is to see whether specific championships are as popular as I perceive them to be.

At most, the survey will take ten minutes to complete, and will remain open until the end of March.

Owner and Editor of Motorsport Broadcasting


7 thoughts on “Survey: Your 2019 motor racing viewing habits

  1. Page 3 of the survey asks which over-the-top services you subscribe to.
    I don’t subscribe to any, but I can’t get past this page without tickng a box?
    There is no option for “None”

      1. Cheers David. I must admit I found the survey hard to complete (and had to guess some of it) as I don’t know what motorsport Channel 4 will be showing this year. I live in a “Freeview Lite” area so only get my motorsport fix from ITV4 and Channel 4 (and in the past Channel 5). Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  2. It’s not clear that this article is a ‘sticky’, and that therefore newer articles appear below it. If I check the site and see the same article at the top, I assume no new updates and click away.

    1. It’s a good point, understand the comment. I don’t think there’s a better way to flag new articles, but will have a look.

      The survey’s been open three days and has had 388 responses – I’ve deliberately left it as ‘sticky’ so the survey can reach wider. Will monitor it though over the coming days, if the survey responses tail off as expected then will un-sticky it mid-week.

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