Happy 10th Birthday!

Today, Motorsport Broadcasting turns ten years old, and has been part of the internet now for a decade. Which feels a little bit weird to write, more so considering the past few years.

When I started off The F1 Broadcasting Blog, as it was back then, I honestly did not know whether the site would become ‘a thing’, or whether it would remain under the radar before withering away into dust.

But over the past ten years, Motorsport Broadcasting has gone beyond what I anticipated.

Motorsport Broadcasting in numbers
3.2 million hits
1.0 million words
18,000 Twitter followers
1,498 articles
21 events attended in media capacity

It is undeniable that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed my priorities, resulting in less activity on the site, with more emphasis on tweets instead in recent times.

Despite writing 1 million words, writing long-form articles does not come easy to me, and being in the appropriate headspace, with an urge to write something is critical. But, as the High Performance book rightly says, problems are temporary, and challenges can be overcome.

A lot of people within the industry have provided me with positive energy over the past decade, and have helped me in some way, and it is for that I am grateful.

These include, but not limited to, production teams spanning multiple championships (Formula E, MotoGP and the W Series), as well as individuals such as Karun Chandhok, and Matt Bishop.

To everyone that has supported the site, whether you have shared an article, contributed or donated to the site, over the past ten years: thank you. Here’s to the next decade!

Creator and Editor of Motorsport Broadcasting


4 thoughts on “Happy 10th Birthday!

  1. Thanks Dave you do a fantastic job. I first came across it when it was called F1 Broadcasting Blog via a post on Google+ (who remembers Google+). I don’t have twitter but I do check the blog daily.

  2. Happy 10th birthday on your page, Dave, I’m 77 and love F1, so yr race timing details are so useful to me to make sure I don’t miss anything on race weekends, I’m not very techy, but I copy, cut n paste into my notepad so I can find them easily. This years racing has been great because it’s so mixed up, no one knows whose going to be the winner. Thanks again, n carry on the good work😊👍

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