New 30 minute programme on Sky Sports F1 from next Friday

A new 30-minute programme has appeared on the Sky Sports F1 schedules beginning next Friday. The programme, entitled In The Name Of Good begins next Friday at 10:55, in the gap between the two feeder series’ races at Monaco.

Although there is no EPG description yet for the programme next Friday, it does say that it features Mark Webber. If I had to guess, I think this may turn out to be similar to the Legends series, except looking back at a current drivers’ career in Formula 1.

As always though, it’s good to see new programming making it’s way onto the schedule. I’ll keep an eye on it, and post an update here when the EPG updates with a proper description.

UPDATE at 16:10: The description is as follows: “A chance to follow Australian F1 driver Mark Webber during the Swiss Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge.” – so it seems I was a bit off the mark above! Apparently this is part of a series focussing on all sportsmen, and Webber happens to just be featured in this particular one.

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