The F1 Show to continue throughout August

Sky have today confirmed that The F1 Show will continue throughout August. The editons on 3rd and 24th August will be, as usual, live with Ted Kravitz and Georgie Thompson. The 17th August edition is a review of the 2012 season so far, but it is the edition on 10th August that interests me the most.

In that edition, David Croft will be the presenter, and will have alongside him F1 journalists Kevin Eason (The Times), Jonathan Noble (Autosport) and Bryon Young (Daily Mirror). For regular readers of my blog, you will know from my initial blog posts back in April that one idea I had was for a weekly or bi-weekly show called “The Paddock View” which, in essense, will be doing exactly what The F1 Show will be doing on 10th August. So I am extremely pleased to see Sky doing this for that particular show and look forward to see how it turns out.

I will be, however, disappointed if that turns out to be the only original programme on Sky Sports F1 during August. The rest of the schedule up until at least Sunday 12th August is glittered with repeats, repeats and, yep, you guessed it, repeats. It is as if the schedulers lack imagination. Why not give us something else? There are hours and hours of archive Formula 1 footage sitting on the shelf, being unused which deserve to be shown again. Being brutally honest here, showing repeats of 2012 races throughout August is taking the extremely lazy route. Where’s the classic Formula 1 races for hardcore aficionados to grit their teeth in too and to whet their appetite? It will be plain disappointing if Sky do not show classic races, or a classic season during the August break.

As always, your comments and thoughts are welcome. Would you want to see some classic action on Sky Sports F1 instead of 2012 repeats during the Summer break?

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