Two new programmes appear on Sky Sports F1 schedules

Two new programmes have appeared on the Sky Sports F1 schedule for the Japanese Grand Prix weekend, and it appears both programmes are not only new to the channel, but completely new.

“Sporting Greats” with Stirling Moss the featured person airs on Sky Sports F1 on Thursday 4th October at 17:00, lasting for 60 minutes. Looking on Google, it appears this is part of a wider Sky Sports series profiling legends at the moment, so the Moss episode appears to be new. In any case, I do find it odd that a F1 Legends programme and a Sporting Greats programme were both commissioned in the same year concerning Moss. Seems to be a waste of resources somewhere though, although I assume the two different programme editors did not consult each other in developing the programmes. UPDATE – This has now changed to a F1 Legends repeat.

“Britain’s Next F1 Star” is a new six-part series, which begins on Thursday 4th October at 19:30. Seb Morris on Twitter noted on Thursday that he is “looking forward to watching all the documentaries” which confirms that it is a new series to the channel. Furthermore, this tweet from Henry Hope-Frost confirms that he is voicing over the programme, and that it is being produced by USP Content alongside Scalextric. The six-part series will feature these six racers:

– Seb Morris
– Jordan King
– Joshua Hill
– Alice Powell
– Alex Brundle
– Dean Smith

Assuming they air every Thursday, the final episode will air on Thursday 8th November. Very pleasing in my opinion to see a new, original programme on the channel. Hopefully Sky give it ample advertising outside of the F1 channel so that other viewers know that the programme exists.

4 thoughts on “Two new programmes appear on Sky Sports F1 schedules

  1. Josh Hill and Alex Brundle appearing. I’d say if the negotiating trying to get Damon and Martin at SkyF1 was tough that was the clincher.

    1. Agree with you there. There appears to be more focus on Juniors Brundle & Hill now their respective fathers are on Sky.

      Not sure this is fair on other racers in lower series who may have more talent (but less publicity and therefore sponsorship which F1 teams look upon favourably) but that’s another matter…

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