Pay TV station Sport1 expected to win exclusive live Formula 1 rights in Netherlands

In a case of “it is a good day to bury bad news”, over in Netherlands today, it is being reported that pay TV station Sport1 are expected to win the rights to screen 18 races exclusively live, with the other races being shared with a terrestrial television free-to-air (FTA) broadcaster. In summary:

– 18 races: Sport1 exclusively, FTA broadcaster highlights
– 02 races: Sport1 and FTA live

As thus, the current broadcaster RTL7 will lose their current rights, with the FTA broadcaster next year either them or SBS. Netherlands are the latest country to switch to a pay-TV approach for Formula 1, with Britain and Italy the first countries to head in that direction. I’ve noted before that here in Britain, ratings have dropped since last year, that could be attributed to the new deal in place and/or the tough sporting competition this past Summer.

This past Sunday’s coverage of the Singapore Grand Prix had less than 356,000 viewers on RTL7.

5 thoughts on “Pay TV station Sport1 expected to win exclusive live Formula 1 rights in Netherlands

  1. Putting the F1 coverage behind a decoder on an expansive dedicated sport channel in the Netherlands….
    This will be the death of F1 in the Netherlands! Sport1 costs €15,20 per month. Not many going to pay that.
    Only some football fans will have a subscribtion. And maybe max500 people will sign up for F1.
    At this moment 300.00 to 500.000 viewers per race, next year… maybe 30.000… max!
    So is this a better deal? Getting a bit more $’s on television rights and loosing 90 to 94% of the TV public, thus making the F1 far less attractive for all other sponsering, them wanting to pay maybe up to 90% less in the future… (I would if I was a sponsor, F1 organisation making it impossible to reach many viewers)

    Once F1 was one of the biggest covered spectacle sports in the world with millions of viewers, it will become a dedicated sports channel sport for only a few, and over time, nobody will speak about it anymore. Gone from the memory, the discussions, from the mind. Rest In Piece…

      1. But the Netherlands hasnt got the same tradition of paying for sports. Were far more cautious with handing over our euros for live coverage than the English speaking nations. If you’d set the subscription equal to sky, nobody would get it. The tariff has to be lower to succeed.

        Still a very bad deal for the overall viewer numbers in NL

      2. can you compare the content?
        Sport1 does nog give national soccer/football, only foreign competition, some tennis, golf. . If you want the national football, add another €18,- for 4 more channels
        Subscribtion numbers for Sport1 alone are not given, only the subscribtions to Film1 (4 movie channels) and/or Sport1 together which is below 500.000. So maybe for Sport1 200.000??
        But I am not interessested in Foorball, golf or tennis…
        Why do they think a F1 fan is also a TV sports fan?

  2. It will be a sad day for the Dutch, if Sport1 will get the exclusive live Formula 1 rights in the Netherlands. A while ago F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone already hinted that there would be coming an end of Formula 1 on free-to-air television. What a shame…

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