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This past April, after spotting that the F1 Broadcasting WordPress URL was free, I decided to press ahead and create an F1 Broadcasting website. When creating it, to be brutally honest, I had no idea whether people would be interested, let alone choose to read it. There were two ways the blog could have gone, it could have turned into a desert with no one reading, or it could climb up to bigger heights. Thankfully, the latter has happened. As of today, 500 people follow this blog on Twitter, and over 26,000 hits have been recorded since the end of April. For what is essentially a broadcasting site that, for me, is a big achievement.

The main reason for creating it also, was because I was about to have a lot of spare time given that back in April I was close to finishing my first year at University. As of tomorrow, that spare time will decrease, because tomorrow I begin my second year at University. Some people may have thought that I have worked in broadcasting before, that is untrue. Like you guys reading this, I am a fan with an interest in broadcasting, hence why I pressed ahead with the site. Starting my second year at University means though, that inevitably the time I will be able to dedicate to this website will be less than what it has been for the past few months.

I don’t plan to close the blog down, this blog is staying, given how far it has come in such a short space of time, it would be nothing short of madness for me to close it down. The timetable that I have is favourable though in that only Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are very busy, meaning that I should still be able to blog occasionally. The regular pieces (Scheduling, Ratings and Twitter) should stay, but the opinion pieces may decrease depending on how much University work I have!

In any case, I thought I should let you guys know in case the blog activity declines in the forthcoming weeks.

Owner of The F1 Broadcasting Blog

4 thoughts on “Blog announcement

  1. Dave, the most important thing for your future, is your education. Thanks for the big effort in your reporting of F1 Broadcasting as you see it.

    I’ve enjoyed your blogs and input and also your interaction with your followers. Thanks for letting us know of your plans for the future and good luck with your studies!!


  2. Good luck with your studies, you’re right to concentrate on your degree. I’ve really enjoyed this blog and don’t doubt for a second that great things await you in the future.

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