Virgin Media launch Anywhere service; Sky Sports F1 included

Virgin Media have today launched their ‘Virgin TV Anywhere’ service, which will allow their customers to watch live television on the move wherever they are. Similar to Sky Go, customers will either be able to watch television live online or via their app, which is available via the App Store if you have iPad, iPod or iPhone.

Alongside watching live television on the move, the Anywhere service features TV on Demand, including Sky Sports. I don’t know whether there are any Sky Sports F1 shows currently available via Anywhere’s TV on Demand section, but thought it was worth noting anyway.

What this means is that if you subscribe to Virgin Media and their Sports package, you can now watch Sky Sports F1 on the move. From a Formula 1 fan perspective, the timing is good, with the US Grand Prix in primetime, it means those with Virgin Media and the Sports package can now watch the race live online if others are watching TV. I should note though that currently, Sky Sports F1 is not available via the ‘Virgin TV Anywhere’ App due to rights restrictions, the same restriction also applying to the other Sky channels. But nevertheless, it is good news for Virgin Media customers who don’t always get to watch Sky Sports F1 via the television.

Virgin Media customers can access ‘Virgin TV Anywhere’ by clicking here.


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