Sky Sports F1 to remain on air over the Winter

Sky Sports F1 will remain on air over the Winter period, I can today confirm. The schedule for Christmas Day includes Britain’s Next F1 Star, and is as follows:

Sky Sports F1 – Christmas Day
11:00 – Britain’s Next F1 Star (1/6)
11:30 – Britain’s Next F1 Star (2/6)
12:00 – TBC (likely 2012 review)
14:00 – Britain’s Next F1 Star (3/6)
14:30 – Britain’s Next F1 Star (4/6)
15:00 – TBC (likely 2012 review)
17:00 – Britain’s Next F1 Star (5/6)
17:30 – Britain’s Next F1 Star (6/6)

It has always been that Sky Sports F1 will go off-air on Friday 30th November that was the most likely option, on the basis of the information released in the now familiar Sky Media document before the start of the season. So the above information, which I believe is the confirmed schedule, contradicts that.

Now, if Sky Sports F1 is remaining on-air over the Winter then well, Sky, you know what the F1 fans out there including myself want… substitute August for December and you get my drift.

Update at 17:45 – Okay, the above has been rewritten heavily. The schedules for the first week in December have been released, and there are shows on Sky Sports F1. What I should note that it is the usual repeats, so Legends, Fast Track, Weekend in Stills and Weekend in Words and the such like up until Friday 7th December at least. So whilst it is surprising to see this (given the Sky Media document), the schedule content is unsurprising in terms of repeats.

8 thoughts on “Sky Sports F1 to remain on air over the Winter

    1. Yeah, they will…. by reading this blog. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Seriously though, I wonder if Sky will mention it at the end of the season either via the website or during the Brazilian Grand Prix weekend?

      Unfortunately the schedule shows only repeat, but hopefully they put on *some* programming to please dedicated fans.

  1. Yeah, even I can’t take anymore repeats.

    I recall many people saying that 20 (or 20+) GPs in a season was overkill, and would result in people turning off. Sky must have shown the Chinese GP about 40 times by now, with almost every repeat after the initial GP weekend officially ‘Making No Impact’, ie: less than 2,500 viewers.

    I find myself not even tuning into Sky F1 if it’s not a GP wekend (unless I have been ordered to), and I’m starting to despise the presenters … Yeah I’m losing it, but Chinese water torture (or Sky F1 as it’s known) will do that to you.

    … Nurse, my medication.

  2. Do you know IF skyf1 are going to do any full race replays during the off season for people who missed the chance to watch/tape them like they did during the summer?

      1. Thanks for that as unable to even tape the race replay on Monday but happy that I will have another chance ๐Ÿ™‚

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