200 and upwards

On Thursday, The F1 Broadcasting Blog passed 200 posts, which is for me a fantastic achievement. Arguably the latter one hundred is more difficult than the first hundred because you risk regurgitating yourself which is something I have tried not to do so far, although that in itself can be difficult!

In any case, I am thankful for those that are continuing to read, as of writing the blog has recorded over 34,000 views, which has simply staggered me – it seems strange writing that when back in July at post 100 it was just over 5,000 views. Okay, it may not be as high as some Formula 1 sites out there, but to my knowledge there is not another Formula 1 and motor sport broadcasting site out there, so it is in many different ways unknown territory.

It has, for the most part though been successful, I still enjoy writing about it which is the main thing alongside juggling my University commitments. Inevitably though, there will always be room for improvement, whether it is what the blog covers, or, to be more succinct, what the blog does not cover that it probably should or could. Whether I spread my wings in terms of content in 2013, time will tell depending on what happens with other commitments and time.

As I did back in July, for those just starting to read, I shall link below to the ten posts that have received the most views since I started the blog:

– 10. The BBC F1 Team: The Verdict so Far, August 16th
– 9. Predicting the 2013 calendar pick order, September 21st*
– 8. Ecclestone suggests the end is near for BBC F1… or is it?, June 7th [8th when I reached 100 posts]
– 7. McLaren launch animation unit with new animation series ‘Tooned’ on Sky Sports F1, July 6th [2nd when I reached 100 posts]
– 6. The Sky Sports F1 Team: The Verdict so Far, August 14th
– 5. Live Blog: The 2012 Singapore Grand Prix Qualifying session, September 22nd
– 4. Eddie Jordan’s credibility, September 5th
– 3. Tom Clarkson doing Lee McKenzie’s job this weekend, June 9th [1st when I reached 100 posts]
– 2. A few thoughts on Jake Humphrey leaving the BBC, September 18th
– 1. Italian Grand Prix records highest rating since 1998, September 10th**

* may still be modified depending on calendar changes
** thanks to this share by Jake Humphrey

I’ll end this post by saying thank you to everyone who has read the site so far, and I hope you enjoy the site more as we head towards and into 2013.

Owner of The F1 Broadcasting Blog


4 thoughts on “200 and upwards

  1. “It (hits) may not be as high as some Formula 1 sites out there.”

    But at least the site isn’t full of fan-boy rubbish.

    And everyone hear reads it 🙂

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