F1 2012 DVD season review to be released in 2013

Bad news for those including myself who were hoping for the 2012 Formula One season review DVD/Blu-Ray to be released before Christmas. Amazon.co.uk have a release date currently of January 7th, 2013, two weeks after Christmas.

Considering the 2011 season review was released on December 26th last year, I’m slightly confused as to why the 2012 date has been pushed back into 2013. Going by last year’s date, I was anticipating a release of Christmas Eve this year, but it appears that won’t happen. The late date may be due to a change of distributors, last year was released by Universal Pictures UK, whereas this year according to Amazon is being distributed by Metrodome Group.

I don’t know how well the DVD sales are worldwide, but I imagine it will sell a lot less than normal with the release date after Christmas.

The DVD as usual will be voiced by Will Buxton and Ben Edwards. Luckily, if you prefer your season reviews in book form, then AUTOCOURSE comes out on December 1st, whilst The Official Formula 1 Season Review is released on December 13th.

Update on January 4th – Bad news for those wanting the Blu-Ray copy, it has been pushed back to January 14th according to Amazon.


2 thoughts on “F1 2012 DVD season review to be released in 2013

  1. A bit of a surprise, and disappointing (as I usually get it for my birthday or Christmas). Also means it won’t get the “it’s after Christmas so let’s drop the price a few quid now” treatment.

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