Have BBC lost the rights to screen practice live? [UPDATED]

A fairly significant note from the Sky Media advertising release is that they are stating that Sky Sports F1 will be screening all 60 practice session exclusively live. Just to put it into context, this is the section that it was included under:

Sky Sports F1 HD will run from February 1st to November 30th 2013, showcasing the best in live, highlights & magazine shows, including:
– 10 exclusive races & 10 shared races.
– 10 exclusive qualifiers & 10 shared qualifiers.
– Exclusive coverage of all 60 practice sessions.
– Live coverage of the GP2 & GP3 race seasons.
– The F1 Show
– F1 Legends

The way it has been included definitely appears to suggest that BBC have lost the rights (or passed on the rights?) to screen practice behind the Red Button for their ten live race weekends. Please note though that this does not affect 5 Live, they will still have radio rights (which is covered under a separate deal), it would only affect the Red Button service for the ten live weekends. It could simply be a human mistake, but someone has gone into the trouble to work out that there is 60 practice sessions in the 20 race weekends. Is the news true? If it is, then it is hugely disappointing as even in 2012, BBC do practice fantastically well, and as I described yesterday, there is potential scope for improvement. Time, shall tell, it will be interesting to see if BBC counter the Sky advertising release to confirm that they will not be screening practice live on the TV or whether the Sky release is an oversight.

Update at 12:55 – Sky have amended the Sky Media document, removing the ‘exclusive’ element, confirming it was human error. So the answer to the title is ‘No, BBC have not lost the rights to screen practice live’.

12 thoughts on “Have BBC lost the rights to screen practice live? [UPDATED]

      1. I do hope that they have removed the word iconic from GT as she is no iconic ( Only Steve Rider is and he is so under used by Sky BTW ) as she is only that by hitting a certain part of men by wearing THAT dress quite a lot last season πŸ˜‰

  1. As some one who has not got sky I use to come home from work and watch it on iplayer mainly cause it was better than the rubbish on tv at the time. If i cant watch it would not bother me to much and still cant justify having sky just to watch 1 1/2hr tv a month ‘the race’.

    I also think the people who do have sky are more likely to be out at work as they need money to afford sky and wont watch it live. So they will need to record it or watch on sky player . Cant see this being good for viewer figures as who would like to argue with wife in living room about should we watch f1 practise or corrie!!!!!.

    I have been fan since the late 80s and even found myself not watch qualifing live let alone the highlights this year. I miss the 1hr , three sets of super sticky tyres and told to get on with it the modern qualifing leaves me cold. I also hate the long life engine rules and 1 tyre make rules. If it carrys on like this it will be one make racing with starting grid picked out of hat. How long is it going to take to be an ex f1 fan.

    1. What a load of bull Paul I bet the majority of people who get Sky are working and those who not work and do Sky has to give up stuff like buying clothes they need to make sure they get Sky and I am sure they will not be able to get 42 inches TVs like the rags that you clearly read and for stupid reason this stupid government also believe as well Yes they could stick to Freeview and not spend the money they could spend BUT IF they want to get Sky it is THEIR choice and soon it will be the ONLY choice due the BBC bosses really do care about F1 which exposed just the past few days πŸ˜‰ I feel so sorry for anyone from the BBC who has to put up with this πŸ˜‰

      1. can’t rember when i last brought a paper. but you are right. i do know someone who has Β£70 month sky subscription has low paid job and is always broke and I dont care about has it his choice but i wont live like that. For me i will soon be mortgage free with my 32 inch tv watch f1 in german satalite.

        I also have another mate who loves football and has sky because of that. I think he said there are 3 match on saturday and on sunday. so he gets 12hrs of football each week compared 1 1/2hr every month of formula one which is much better deal.

        I could have sky if i wanted but i think its a rip off. but i have paid for eurosport player Β£35 for years access and watch le mans and wttc and superbikes on that which is a much better deal i am sure you would agree.

    1. From wikipedia [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2013_Formula_One_season#Calendar]:
      The tenth round of the championship remains provisional, provided that Formula One Administration can find a suitable venue for the race.

      1. I think there will be only 19 as Bernie said πŸ˜‰ So IF this does happen 10 will be shown on Sky only and 9 will be shared

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