Sky confirm 2013 team to remain unchanged

It has been confirmed that the Sky Sports F1 team will remain unchanged for the 2013 Formula One season. The Sky Media advertising pitch confirms that Simon Lazenby and Georgie Thompson will return to present the action on the channel, whilst Martin Brundle and David Croft will commentate on the action. In terms of other figures, Damon Hill, Anthony Davidson, Ted Kravitz and Natalie Pinkham will return for 2013 and Steve Rider will be presenting more F1 Legends programming. The news is unsurprising, as I have explained previously, stability is key for Sky heading into 2013 with it being their second year of coverage.

In terms of content, what is advertised appears largely the same, with The F1 Show back for 2013 along with the GP2 and GP3 feeder series’, although the wording is slightly unclear on the latter two as to whether practice and qualifying will return for the feeder series’. Unlike this year, it is claimed that the channel will run from February 1st, to including F1 testing, although there are no specific testing coverage details.

The media release specifies that the break pattern will be three breaks before the race and two breaks after the race which appears to be an improvement on this year as far as I can tell. As with 2012, and as reported a few weeks ago, all races will be uninterrupted. What is interesting though is to compare the estimated audience delivery table for 2012 vs 2013. The majority of the figures are lower, and the change of reach figures is worth noting:

– Individual – 11.21 million [2012 prediction] vs 9.32 million [2013 prediction]
– Adults – 9.67 million [2012] vs 8.26 million [2013]
– ABC1 Men – 3.52 million [2012] vs 2.59 million [2013]
– Men – 5.63 million [2012] vs 4.81 million [2013]

There is another very interesting snippet of information, which may or may not be true, but worth noting, and I shall cover that in the next blog piece.

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