The F1 Show to return on February 15th with testing coverage

Alongside the other two announcements today, Sky have confirmed that The F1 Show will return on February 15th with testing coverage. The article confirms that from that Friday, the show will air every Friday until the end of the season.

However, what is unclear is this: “The F1 season kicks off on Sky Sports with The F1 Show on 15 February followed by coverage of all three February tests and car launches.” The reason it is unclear is that F1 testing starts before February 15th and the wording does not specify how much will be covered and to what degree. Either way, it is good to see that Sky will be covering testing on the F1 channel to some degree.

I hope we get more concrete details of what exactly is planned in the New Year aside from The F1 Show because the channel was sorely lacking key things outside of race weekends this year. I’ve banged the drum on this blog about classic F1 races, and that news article does not mention anything on the subject of the archive material. We shall see what happens…

3 thoughts on “The F1 Show to return on February 15th with testing coverage

  1. Agreed, for a channel broadcasting 7 days a week is was distinctly lacking in content.

    But then again they rejected quite a few original documentaries, and the chance to show some rarely aired documentaries, so maybe the endless repeats were simply to save the channel money, as they hit their allocated budget at the end of August, and with ‘new’ subscribers very thin on the ground, budgetary constraints will probably mean more repeats, and repeats of repeats, and more awful races to music type dross.

    I had such high hopes for the channel, none of which materialised.

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