USP Content retain Allen and Gow for 5 Live coverage

USP Content have retained James Allen and Jennie Gow for their BBC Radio 5 Live coverage of Formula 1, it has been confirmed today by Rob Jones, the CEO of USP Content. Both Allen and Gow joined the team at the start of 2012. The status of Jaime Alguersuari remains up in the air as of writing, but a new co-commentator looks likely alongside Allen.

Furthermore, it has been confirmed that Chessie Bent is the new producer for their coverage, succeeding Jason Swales in the role. The change means that the official 5 Live F1 Twitter is now located at @F15Live instead of @5LiveF1. Bent joins USP Content from BBC Radio, having been apart of their Olympics and Paralympics coverage.

One thought on “USP Content retain Allen and Gow for 5 Live coverage

  1. Informative blog. Good work.
    The only thing that spoiled the Five Live F1 coverage last year were the surprisingly high number of occasions that Jonathan Ledgard filled in for James Allen.
    An amazing choice for a substitute following his shambolic BBC TV stint,where he managed to make Murray Walker seem like the poet laureate.And it’s doubtful anyone has ever talked so much and said so little (apart from politicians of course)
    What on earth happened to Mr.Allen on all those weekends ?

    Not sure Jaime Alguesari really worked either to be honest.Sounded like a nice guy,but not really an awful lot of note to say.Then again,Anthony Davidson was a hard act to follow.

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