Humphrey: 2012 doing F1 “wasn’t the same”

Jake Humphrey has said that he hopes to return to the Formula 1 paddock in the future, whilst saying that presenting Formula 1 in 2012 “wasn’t the same”.

Speaking at the AUTOSPORT Show, Humphrey said “It’s time for a new challenge. When you are on the road, all the time, March to November, I just needed a bit of time to be at home and with Harriet. The BT Sport job offer was a really amazing opportunity so it was the end of an era [with BBC F1]. In some ways, we’re not live at every race now, and I think the best it was ever going to get, for me probably, was 2009, 2010 and 2011. Those for me were my stand-out years of my F1 career, and although it was still good after that, it wasn’t the same. It just felt like everything had come to a natural end.”

“I don’t want to be gone forever. I see myself walking away from F1 for maybe three or four years, I would love to come back. I’d quite like David [Coulthard] and Eddie [Jordan] to retire now and come back in a blaze of glory in four years time and do it all over again, but that is wishful thinking. I’d love to stand in the pit lane again with them and do live Formula 1.”, Humphrey said regarding his Formula 1 future.

Commenting on the news that Suzi Perry will be the new BBC F1 presenter, Humphrey said “I wish Suzi Perry nothing but the best. I certainly feel, personally, that Lee McKenzie would have been fantastic in that role, but Suzi has got that job, and I feel she will do it brilliantly.”

In my opinion, I would say a return to Formula 1 for Humphrey is highly likely, but not as soon as he is predicting. Assuming Formula 1 is similar in nature ten or fifteen years down the road, then I can see Humphrey presenting again (like Steve Rider did in his two stints), but not as soon as four or five years time.


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