BBC announce changes to multi-platform F1 coverage

The BBC have announced some changes to their multi-platform Formula 1 coverage as a result of the Delivering Quality First changes concerning the Red Button.

Their 2013 coverage page has been updated to rectify the fact that the Red Button service has been reduced from five streams to one stream. The first sign of change is previously the page said that you could “customise their viewing experience through the BBC’s multi-platform offering”, this has been adjusted to say that the audience can “customise their viewing experience online”, meaning that it appears you will not be able to watch the races on-board through the Red Button because of the Delivering Quality First cuts.

Furthermore, this paragraph was previously in the Red Button section of that webpage: “On race day, viewers will be able to choose from three different video streams: the main network feed with a choice of commentary from BBC One and BBC Radio 5 live; a split screen comprising the main network feed, an in-car camera feed and leaderboard; or rolling highlights.”

That paragraph has now been removed entirely, whilst only “selected on-track sessions” from BBC’s live ten races will be broadcast behind the Red Button, instead of “all on-track sessions” from those races as it was previously. I’m not sure which sessions, but I suspect the odd practice session that BBC have the rights to show live will be online only depending on clashes with other events. In those circumstances, it would be nice if practice was shown on BBC Two as I suggested at the end of 2012, but I don’t think that is highly likely, nor is it suggested in the updated version of the BBC coverage page.

One final thing that page has removed is mentions of Jaime Alguersuari, who is unlikely to return to his 5 Live commentary role this season. The BBC team for 2013 has not yet been officially confirmed, but aside from the presenter change, everything else is likely to remain the same.

One thought on “BBC announce changes to multi-platform F1 coverage

  1. It about time f1 came back live to BBC they was wrong to take it away.

    I’m a sky customer I was not paying 20 pound on top of the rest of what I was paying it would of made my bill over hundred pounds

    It bad enough that the tv licence is nearly 200 pound for the BBC channels why should we have to pay more money to watch it on sky

    They are just using f1 for making money of people who love the sport like I do and who have not got the money to justified to have the f1 channel.

    So thank you BBC for bring it back to BBC1 but it would be nice for all 20 to be live and not just 10 so come on BBC that why we pay our tv license.

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