Georgie Thompson leaves Sky’s F1 team

The F1 Show has just gone to air, however, the big news off-screen is that The F1 Broadcasting Blog can tonight confirm that Georgie Thompson has left the Sky Sports F1 team.

The website has removed mentions of her being the host of The F1 Show as well as her profile from their sub-site. I should note that this has not been officially confirmed by Sky themselves. Thompson’s Twitter profile still contains mention her being the Sky Sports F1 presenter, but her last tweet was on January 30th. At the end of last season on the day of the final F1 Show of 2012, Thompson tweeted: “So tonight is mine and Ted Kravitz’s final F1 show!” I took issue to the wording about what exactly ‘final’ meant. It appears we now have the answer.

If Thompson has left Sky Sports then it ends her 12 year career with the broadcaster. In the past decade, Thompson has been best known for her role on the Sky Sports News channel, which she left at the end of 2011 to join the Sky Sports F1 channel. Aside from presenting the sports news, Thompson was also a presenter on the regular Sky Sports channels, motor sport fans may remember her presenting the now defunct A1 Grand Prix series. One would speculate that if she has left Sky, then her destination may well be BT Sport, but that is speculation on my behalf as I do not see any other logical broadcasting move for her at the moment.

Going forward, Natalie Pinkham will replace Thompson as presenter of the magazine programme The F1 Show. I will update this blog post as soon as this is officially confirmed (or denied).

Thanks to Ashley James on Twitter for the tip.

10 thoughts on “Georgie Thompson leaves Sky’s F1 team

  1. Good news, she was more suited to a tacky dating show.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to hear her declare he sudden dislike of F1, Beverley Turner style.

    Just need to get rid of Lazenby and they’ll have a half decent line up … If you don’t look too hard.

    1. Do not be too hard on Simon as he is doing a good job even if he does need someone to share the presenting duties with him as it looked he was getting a bit worn out at the end of the season πŸ˜‰ Georgie will be no miss as she was not much cop anyway πŸ˜‰

  2. if she has really gone thats great news totally did my box in last year with her dumb repetative questions and terminology. Nat is by far a better presenter

  3. Thank goodness she’s gone. Totally useless no knowledge of F1 stupid questions and what did she wear at times didn’t she get its a sports broadcast! Nat is by far a better choice.

    1. I agree and this does serve as a warning to Suzi to NOT do the same when she starts doing the races for the BBC as I have seen her do the same when she was doing Moto GP and was NOT impressed πŸ˜‰

  4. Wasn’t Georgie Thompson the poster girl for Sky F1’s coverage, even more than Simon Lazenby? Shame she’s gone, because the sky f1 team looked to be getting a bit of chemistry towards the end of 2012.

    1. Well I thought Martin was the poster boy not Simon as anyone who was using Sky for the 1st time would not heard of him until the start of last season and Georgie was the poster girl as she did worked in Sky she was well known to non Sky viewers for her relationship with Dec of Ant and Dec fame πŸ˜‰ I thought everyone bonded with each other with one exception …I do wonder who was that person πŸ˜‰

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