Sky Sports filming season long series with Max Chilton

Sky Sports are filming a season long documentary with Max Chilton, it has been confirmed. As noted by Marussia on their Twitter:

“Sky Sports F1 are also ‘filming the filming’ tonight for a season-long documentary behind the scenes with Max Chilton in his debut year”

Scheduling details have not yet been confirmed, but hopefully it will air in the off-season as part of a six or eight part documentary at the start of 2014 rather than parts airing ‘throughout the year’. In my view, it would be good content to put on air during the off-season and it is great to see Sky are planning out the year already, which they did not really do last year.

It may be that this is part of a wider series that they are doing on young drivers’, similar to the Britain’s Next F1 Star format last year, but nothing has been confirmed regarding other drivers yet if they take that approach.

Thanks to David Edwards on Twitter for the tip.


One thought on “Sky Sports filming season long series with Max Chilton

  1. Daddy spending a bit more money, but I guess it makes a slight change from Brundle banging on about his son’s mediocre career every five minutes … It seems Sky haven’t got a clue what racing fans actually want to watch.

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