Sky’s Classic F1 series to expand into “strands”

Following the announcement that Sky Sports F1 will be showing five Classic F1 races before every round, it appears it will be going beyond that and heading into “strands” of races. In the original piece towards the end of February, I said how there will be five races before every race weekend.

While that is true there will be more than that. The first “strand” will feature debut wins, with schedule times as follows:

Thursday 28th March
21:30 to 23:45 – 2003 Hungarian Grand Prix
– commentary from James Allen and Martin Brundle
– Fernando Alonso’s first win

Friday 29th March
21:30 to 23:45 – 2007 Canadian Grand Prix
– commentary from James Allen and Martin Brundle
– Lewis Hamilton’s first win

Saturday 30th March
21:00 to 23:15 – 2009 German Grand Prix
– commentary from Jonathan Legard and Martin Brundle
– Mark Webber’s first win

Sunday 31st March
21:00 to 23:15 – 2008 Italian Grand Prix
– commentary from James Allen and Martin Brundle
– Sebastian Vettel’s first win

I suspect there may more more on Saturday 30th March and Sunday 31st March. As of writing, schedules do not go that far to reveal what races they are, but given the strand, I expect 2008 Canada and 2008 Italy to both turn up somewhere.

Update on March 28th – I’ve updated the above with the full details now, and some timing changes as well thanks to last weekend’s events in Malaysia. Note that as far as I can see these are not repeated, so record them while you can!


4 thoughts on “Sky’s Classic F1 series to expand into “strands”

  1. Hungary 2006 is a dead cert too… Hope they delve a little deeper into the archives though.. Post 1994 that would be a popular move 🙂

  2. I preferred the BBC’s method (which because it was Red Button was very very hard to learn of) – their pre-weekend classics were generally a driver’s pick.

    • In 2009 and 2010, it was Classic’s chosen by the commenter’s, Andrew Benson would throw five races out there and one of them got the extended highlights slot.

      In 2011, it was driver’s pick if I recall which in some cases was regurgitating the previous’ years picks.

      Last year, races were still put on the Red Button for some races (Belgian and Italy being two), but with no tweeting from Andrew Benson and with very little mention of the website – only from Tom Bowker who was preparing it almost single handedly!

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