A few Sky Sports F1 schedule updates

Ahead of this weekend’s season opening Australian Grand Prix, I have spotted a few updates to the previously published Sky schedule, with a few extra additions.

– On Thursday at 20:00, there is a half hour programme entitled The Martin Whitmarsh Interview, which does what it says on the tin.
– On Friday at 08:30, there is an airing of The Petrol Age by Paul McGann. Whilst the programme is new to Sky Sports, the programme is not new to Sky, as it was aired on Sky Atlantic this time last year.

Both programmes are repeated on the channel throughout the weekend. Elsewhere, the 2009 German Grand Prix and 2008 Italian Grand Prix will be shown on Saturday 30th March and Sunday 1st April at 21:00 to conclude the “Debut Wins” strand.

Later in that week, the 2007 Chinese Grand Prix is on Friday 5th April at 21:00 to begin the Chinese five races. One thing to note is that The F1 Show for that week is listed on the Friday at 20:00, so I am unsure why the previous week is listed as Thursday at 20:00.

I will update the blog if anything changes.


7 thoughts on “A few Sky Sports F1 schedule updates

  1. I’m unsure as to whether they should be showing 5 Chinese races as it’s only been going since 2004, but to be fair, there have been a number of very good races there (unlike Bahrain, which for me should be replaced by 5 classic races at tracks that aren’t on the calendar anymore (eg Imola, Magny Cours, A1 ring, etc) as we haven’t had any classic races there to be honest (not sure I’d say we’ve even had any good races there)

      • Luckily there have been some very good races in China since it started so it’s not as bad as Bahrain, where they’ll probably just do the same as China, when Bahrain (as you’re probably sick of me saying, sorry) has generally had dull races and would be better served showing races on tracks which aren’t on the calendar anymore.

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