‘GP Uncovered’ added to Sky schedule

A new strand of shows has been added to the Sky Sports F1 schedules starting this Sunday at 09:00. GP Uncovered will look back at Formula 1’s early days.

The first edition, entitled ‘1967 – Nine Days In Summer’ will air following the Australian Grand Prix, lasting an hour. The description is as follows: “The story of the Lotus 49, the revolutionary car designed by Colin Chapman and Maurice Philippe and driven with startling success by both Jim Clark and Graham Hill.”

Furthermore, the Sky website says that the programme will air following race weekends, so presumably as soon as the main race programme has finished. The films come from the Beaulieu archive.

3 thoughts on “‘GP Uncovered’ added to Sky schedule

  1. I wonder if they got alot of comments last season that their post race went on too long. If you think about it, using Australia as an example, you’d be looking at 90mins build up (too long by 15-30mins I think), a race of say 90mins, and then about 2 hours post race. If we’re honest, 2 hours (or even 1hr45) post race is too long. I’d probably say 90mins is pushing it a bit too, but any longer than that is too long, so in that respect, I’m actually glad it’s been cut down by 30mins and a new programme has been put in that final 30min slot

  2. Really pleased that we’re getting the chance to see some new (for most of us I guess) archive material. Only need Bernie to open his vaults now…..

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