“Promote: 5.1 Audio as well as ‘stunning HD'”

Today the Sky F1 Insider Twitter account thought they would give readers inside access to their scripts for the weekends, by taking a picture of the front page of all six shows.

Sky F1 script.

The front page of each script contains a list of all the on-air and off-air talent for each show, from Martin Turner downwards. It looks like for each show, fifteen people are credited on there, alongside the on-air people, varying from five for The F1 Show to more for other shows.

Finally, we then get a big strap, which says:


Now, at this point I will say that I have no idea if things such as this are common in broadcasting or if it just specific to Sky, but I would ask:

a) what is the benefit of promoting it during the show?
b) what is the benefit of promoting it during every show when most viewers are the same and therefore already know about this
c) why is this big and bold on the front and made out to be the most important thing. I would be more interested in delivering high quality VT’s than the audio and picture that I am receiving.
d) is this a Sky F1 directive, or is this a directive from high up? If it is the latter, I would love to know why

I don’t know the answer to the above, but I don’t understand the logic in promoting this – all the viewers watching will already know about it, so in my opinion it has very little purpose – apart from them boasting about their own product.


12 thoughts on ““Promote: 5.1 Audio as well as ‘stunning HD'”

  1. This has really got on my nerves ever since the start of 2012.

    Constantly going on about HD (no more “stunning” than the BBC alternative who don’t constantly blab on about it) and also by reminding us throughout the exclusive weekends that we can’t watch live anywhere else… People watching on Sky are doing so either because a) they prefer it to the BBC coverage and always choose to watch it or b) they know it isn’t available to watch live anywhere else.

    Seeing this image that shows they want to hit the message home even more is worrying! No benefit for repeating during the main practice/quali/race shows, just frustrating for the viewers they already have D:

    Imagine if F1 ever goes into 3D properly… that will be something else to add to the already long list of ways to watch!

  2. It really raises my hackles every time they say it – just like when Crofty IDs himself as “David Croft, Sky Sports F1 HD” in the press confs. It’s wholly unnecessary and comes across as little more than childish bragging.

    Methinks the “stunning HD” is for those watching on Virgin Media (and Sky) in SD, it’s an easy way to plug the HD pack for subscribers who don’t already have it. Keep needling away and eventually a few people will upgrade.

    In the meantime, it just pisses people like me off. Every. Single. Time. They. Say. It.

    • I agree, why they have to add “HD” to the channel name every time it is said. I’ll stick with BBC and watch on a “internet stream” when not on BBC. The BBCs coverage is FAR better in my opinion

  3. Oh, and it’s all well and good them promoting “Dolby 5.1″… But all the current generation Sky+HD boxes out there can’t pass through 5.1 sound over HDMI, ONLY by TOSLINK or SP/DIF coax — and then you have to deal with local audio sync through your amp. If you even own an amp.

    Only the older SkyHD digiboxes with no DVR facilities can pass DD5.1 through HDMI.

    The entire thing’s risible.

    • If that’s the case then it almost begs the question as to what the point is of promoting the 5.1 surround sound….. Or even having it for that matter.

  4. The constant promotion of various ways to watch F1 on Sky makes he channel look and sound juvenile.

    Sky never mention they charge for HD and deliberately downscale their SD. HD is free and standard almost everywhere except in the world of Sky.

    It could be a contributing factor as to why Martin Grumble isn’t sounding very enthusiastic lately.

  5. Promoting 5.1 is kind of annoying really… They.. Sky.. Flog 3D like some kind of dead horse which it will be soon I think.. The way we do it in our household is sky HD with the audio coming from the hifi which works really well… Just connect the red and white sockets and connectors up.. But as someone said earlier with the current generation of sky HD boxes not taking 5.1 it begs the question as to what the point is of it all

  6. think they’re promoting the sound cos on bbc one hd you only get stereo. it’s the only differentiator that sky have when bbc are live. not that i’ll get 5.1 watching the sky coverage anyway cos i’m on virgin media and they only have sky sports f1 SD

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