Canadian Grand Prix ratings improve around Europe

After being overshadowed by Euro 2012 last year, ratings for the Canadian Grand Prix rose around Europe this past weekend, overnight ratings show. The first important thing I believe is worth noting is that this year the Canadian Grand Prix was more in prime time than previous years, with the race beginning at 19:00 UK time and 20:00 European time, right in the heart of prime time, meaning that audiences could be maximised.

This was most evident in Spain, where the Canadian Grand Prix soared to its highest rating since at least 2007. The race this past Sunday had a race average of 5.69 million viewers (33.5 percent share). This was up half a million on 2012 and over a million viewers higher than 2008, 2010 and 2011.

Canadian Grand Prix ratings in Spain
2008 – 2.72m (22.4%) pre-race; 4.52m (35.3%); 3.42m (25.1%) post-race
2010 – 1.75m (13.5%) pre-race; 4.57m (34.5%); 2.99m (23.5%) post-race
2011 – 1.54m (13.1%) pre-race; 3.59m (24.5%); 2.01m (10.8%) post-race
2012 – ?.??m (??.?%) pre-race; 5.10m (33.5%) race; 2.09m (12.5%) pre-race
2013 – 2.47m (19.1%) pre-race; 5.69m (35.3%) race; 4.70m (24.5%) post-race

Italy was another country to see high ratings. The race in Italy had 7.72 million viewers (31.9 percent share) on Rai 1 with a further 1.04 million viewers on Sky Sport F1, Italy adopting the same model as seen in the United Kingdom from this season onwards. In comparison, the World Superbikes in the daytime from Portugal averaged 1.08 million viewers, a 6 percent share. F1’s figures were up on 2011 and 2012, albeit only marginally an increase on 2012.

Canadian Grand Prix ratings in Italy
2011 – 6.70m (32.8%)
2012 – 5.67m (25.7%) and 7.93m (32.4%)*
2013 – 7.72m (31.8%) and 1.04m

* race switched channels halfway through due to Euro 2012

Whilst the picture was good in Spain and Italy, the picture was not as rosy in Germany. Despite Sebastian Vettel winning comfortably, viewing figures were down on 2010 and 2011. Yes, they were up on 2012, but this was to be expected as the 2012 race went up against Euro 2012 competition. Quotenmeter notes how the race on Sunday, which averaged 5.79 million across RTL and Sky Sport F1, was down in the target demographics, noting how “RTL will rejoice when the F1 moves to the afternoons again”. Ouch…

Canadian Grand Prix ratings in Germany
2010 – 6.67m (29.2%)
2011 – 6.76m (34.4%)
2012 – 4.93m and 0.34m (1.0%)
2013 – 5.38m and 0.41m (1.3%)

All of the German ratings are from the same website so I assume that the comparison is like-to-like. Either way, it is interesting to see the ratings around Europe, and Canada is normally a good indicator as to how things are fairing due to its timeslot.


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