24 Hours of Le Mans records highest rating in five years

The 24 Hours of Le Mans recorded its highest rating in five years this past weekend, overnight viewing figures across Europe and in the United Kingdom show.

British Eurosport, which broadcast the entire race live, averaged 77,000 viewers (1.0 percent) from 13:45 on Saturday to 14:15 on Sunday. The race peaked with 248,000 viewers on Sunday afternoon as the race came to a conclusion.

24 Hours of Le Mans – 2011 vs 2012 vs 2013
13:45 to 19:30 – 46,000 vs 77,000 vs 103,000
19:30 to 02:00 – 45,000 vs 39,000 vs 65,000
02:00 to 09:00 – 16,000 vs 16,000 vs 26,000
09:00 to 14:15 – 97,000 vs 76,000 vs 130,000

The good ratings pattern was repeated across Europe, with the Eurosport Twitter account tweeting the following earlier today: “Eurosport has just had its best average LM24 audience for 5 years! 18 million different European viewers watched the coverage in total, up 12% on 2012”

For those wondering, I suspect 18 million is a reach figure, which would be the amount of people that watched at least three minutes of their coverage across Europe.

3 thoughts on “24 Hours of Le Mans records highest rating in five years

  1. I watched quiet a bit of it. Really nice to watch a car race where tyres are not designed to fall to bits. Shame the pugs pulled out. a 9 way scrap for the lead would have been better

  2. Also I think it has alot to do with the fact that Eurosport has a very substantial reach in the Asian regions… Hence why they show alot of Asian world cup qualifyers… Now im not for a second suggesting that it was this what caused the 18 million different viewers but it does emphasize the length of eurosports reach

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