Sky’s lack of promotion this week

I know that sometimes I do sound like I am banging a brick wall, this past week it feels like Sky’s promotion department has gone to sleep.

Classic F1 has not had much promotion since Sky began showing it. That had been improving. For whatever reason, it appears this has been a case of ‘two steps forward, three steps back’. Absolutely zero promotion for their Nigel Mansell Classic races last weekend and unfortunately the same goes for their GP Uncovered programmes. The only place where you could get the full details is this blog.

Sky’s own scheduling article omits several classic races (the only ‘Classic F1’ block is actually in the wrong place), Steve Rider’s look at how the British Grand Prix gives you Home Advantage and ignores the feeder series races that will be airing live on Sunday morning.

Apparently @SkyF1Insider gives you ‘the inside scoop on all things Sky F1‘. How many tweets have promoted their supplementary programming? None.

Why show things that you’re not going to bother to promote? No, I don’t know the answer to that either.

3 thoughts on “Sky’s lack of promotion this week

  1. Firstly, a thank you for all the content and listings on the blog, it is appreciated.

    Secondly this worries me, is it an indication that Sky feel F1 as a sign-up or upgrade tool has peaked? Bearing in mind their support and application thus far has bounced between mediocre and pitiful, I fear if they’ve lost interest completely the slide into dog doo will be faster than an F1 car.

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