BBC receive complaints about German Grand Prix Qualifying spoiler

The BBC have received complaints about the German Grand Prix qualifying result being revealed during their Wimbledon broadcast. The qualifying programme was broadcast from 17:55 to 19:10, but the result was revealed by Sue Barker at about 17:25 during the preceding Wimbledon programme.

The statement read: “We received complaints from viewers who were unhappy that the result of the Formula One German Grand Prix Qualifying was revealed. The reference to Lewis Hamilton having secured pole position in the Formula One German Grand Prix Qualifying earlier that day was an unfortunate error made by the Wimbledon production team. The intention was to promote BBC One’s coverage of the German Grand Prix Final the following day, but in doing so the team failed to realise that at that point BBC One’s highlights of the Qualifying had yet to be broadcast. We apologise for this error and that it affected some viewers’ enjoyment of our Qualifying highlights programme. BBC Sport have reminded their teams of the importance of checking transmission schedules before such promotions.”

At that point in the broadcast, you would not have expected the result to have been revealed on air, so you can see why complaints were made. Normally, with Match of the Day for example, results are revealed with a disclaimer on the BBC News beforehand, but this was during a prior sporting programme where no disclaimer was given on air.


2 thoughts on “BBC receive complaints about German Grand Prix Qualifying spoiler

  1. Amateurs! I didn’t watch Wimbledon for this very reason, can’t trust them!

    Great site by the way!

  2. Classic behaviour, I’d like to level heavy criticism at the Beeb but nearly all the major broadcasters do it.

    It’s almost as if they’re having an in joke with each other, if they don’t have exclusive rights to something they show complete contempt for the viewer and blow a result at every opportunity.

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