Motor sport ratings (week ending 30th June, 2013)

Another week with no Sky Sports F1 ratings on BARB, however, good news is that there are Sky F1 ratings on there for week ending July 7th, so some good news at last on that front! I’ll update the site with those numbers later in the week.

Live coverage of the British Grand Prix from 12:10 to 15:30 on BBC One officially averaged 3.80 million viewers, which placed it only 23rd on the channel’s top 30 chart for the week. The highlight over on ITV4 was the beginning of the Tour de France. Highlights of the first two days averaged 422,000 and 521,000 viewers respectively, with live coverage of the Sunday averaging 282,000 viewers.

Outside of that, it was a quiet week, Motors TV’s highest rating was Tractor Pulling on 26th June which averaged 11,000 viewers, whilst NASCAR highlights had 8,000 viewers on ESPN UK.


One thought on “Motor sport ratings (week ending 30th June, 2013)

  1. Sky still misrepresenting their programme lengths to artificially boost averages.

    The exodus of viewers must be worse than originally thought, Sky F1 did lose 33% of their 2012 audience for the last race, and that now seems like a conservative figure.

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