Sky release statement following FIA pit lane changes [UPDATED]

Sky Sports have this morning released a statement following the changes FOM and FIA have made as a result of the incident involving Mark Webber’s Red Bull Racing car this past Sunday.

The statement says: “Following the serious incident which occurred in the pitlane during the German GP last weekend, Sky Sports F1 HD will be working to all new guidelines as specified by FOM. Safety remains a prime concern and we are sure that, whilst the new regulations will mean certain changes to pitlane protocols, we are confident that our coverage will not be affected.”

This should not be seen as much of a surprise. Reporters and non-FOM cameras are banned from the designated pit lane area during qualifying and the race, so from their perspective nothing will change. Some people will wonder what Ted Kravitz and Gary Anderson for BBC will be doing as a result. During qualifying and the race, they do not walk up and down pit lane, instead the pit lane reporters go to the front of each team’s garage by walking through the back of the garage and around the paddock area to whichever team is being reported on.

It appears that this does not stretch as far as practice meaning, again, nothing will change for them so Kravitz, Natalie Pinkham and the other broadcasting teams will still be able to report from pit lane. Which seems slightly bizarre considering the FIA have actually increased the pit lane speed limit to 80km/h and things can be more busier during practice.

Update at 17:56 on July 10th – Will Buxton has tweeted “sad news… TV crews now banned from pitlane for ALL sessions. Going to make our job very tough. Hungary will be interesting.” – this basically means that no cameras from any broadcaster will be allowed in pit lane. It also means that no broadcaster will be able to conduct any interviews from the actual designated pit lane area as well during practice. Sky say that their coverage will not be affected, if Buxton’s tweet does turn out to be the case, it will significantly effect their practice coverage which makes use of their cameras down in pit lane a lot when getting car shots and also interviews with Kravitz and Natalie Pinkham.

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