Sky Sports to repeat F1 programming on other Sky Sports channels

Sky Sports are to repeat some of the Sky Sports F1 programming on their other channels, schedules today reveal. Over the forthcoming weeks, Sky Sports will be repeating recent editions of:

The F1 Show
Midweek Report
Fast Track

On Sky Sports 1, 2, 3 and 4 at various times. This appears to be starting tonight with The F1 Show being repeated at 22:00 on Sky Sports 4. Further down the road, for example, the Singapore edition of Fast Track is being repeated on Friday 27th September at 17:30 on Sky Sports 3.

This appears to be a change of stance for whatever reason. In the past I don’t think Fast Track or Midweek Report have ever been repeated on the other Sky Sports channels, whilst The F1 Show has only ever had a run out on there at Christmas for their Season Review. I’ll keep an eye out to see if any other F1 related shows pop up on the other Sky Sports channels.


6 thoughts on “Sky Sports to repeat F1 programming on other Sky Sports channels

    • Interesting question. Kaz, who regularly comments on here may have a definitive figure. I know that Sky paid in the region of £40 million for F1, with production costs on top of that of approximately £10 million (you can assume that they have rised slightly from the £8 million/£9 million in 2008).

      However, for the channel itself excluding the above I’d say several million. We know Sky Sports used up all of the F1 budget last year by 2012 and we know that they needed 125,000 HD subscribers to ‘break even’. That would be in the region of £4 million to operate the channel itself.

      In short – a lot of money! Only Sky would know whether the channel has really gone over/under budget. Could they get rid of the channel? In my view, no. A six channel portfolio is better than a five channel portfolio, and I cannot see them moving F1 content back into the other Sky channels.

  1. This leaves me wondering if this is a prelude to them migrating all F1 programming to Sky Sports 1/2/3/4 and the winding down of the bespoke F1 channel. Would appear to get round their issue with the legacy HD customers who are F1 fans and do not want to subscribe to the Sports pack…

  2. just out of interest does sky sports show boxing. have not seen a boxing match in years. use to watch it a lot with my dad when i was kid . can even name a world champion.
    sky ppv killed boxing as the new potential fan never watched ppv.

    wonder if they would go down the ppv for f1

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