Sky Sports F1’s Christmas schedule for 2013 begins to takes shape

Early scheduling information for Sky Sports F1’s Christmas schedules has today been released. Things are largely expected to be the same as 2012, with the news earlier this month that there will be again team reviews and The F1 Show Christmas Special, this year entitled A Record Breaking Year.

The team reviews will air in order from 11th to 1st from Friday 13th December through to Monday 23rd December:

– 13/12 – 19:00 – Caterham: Dutch Courage (with Rachel Brookes)
– 14/12 – 19:00 – Marussia: Mission Accomplished (with David Croft)
– 15/12 – 19:00 – Williams: A Long Way Back (with Rachel Brookes)
– 16/12 – 19:00 – Toro Rosso: Ricciardo on the Rise (with Ted Kravitz)
– 17/12 – 19:00 – Sauber: Hulkenberg Shines (with David Croft)
– 18/12 – 19:00 – Force India: All Tyred Out (with Natalie Pinkham)
– 19/12 – 19:00 – McLaren: 2013’s Rough Ride (with Simon Lazenby)
– 20/12 – 19:00 – Lotus: Against All Odds
– 21/12 – 19:00 – Ferrari: A Team in Transition (with Natalie Pinkham)
– 22/12 – 19:00 – Mercedes: Hamilton’s New Home (with Simon Lazenby)
– 23/12 – 19:00 – Red Bull: A World Apart

Neither Lotus or the Red Bull reviews have narrators listed. The surprise was that classic races were also making an appearance through the entire month (full details here). In summary, over the Christmas period for Sky, it is:

– classic races
– team reviews
– The F1 Show Christmas Special

The F1 Show’s Christmas Special will air on Christmas Eve at 18:00, only an hour this year versus last year’s two hours. I was planning to type the entire Christmas Eve and Christmas Day schedules here, however, now that they include the classic races, there is not much use in doing that.

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