Highlights of AUTOSPORT Awards 2013 to be shown on Sky Sports F1

Sky Sports F1 are to screen highlights of this year’s AUTOSPORT Awards, it has been confirmed today.

As noted by the channel’s assistant producer, Neil Wooding on Twitter: “There will be a programme from the Awards on the #SkyF1 channel soon. Timings and details to follow.”

From AUTOSPORT’s perspective, I assume the reason they choose to not stream it live, unlike in 2011, is a cost issue. Why the two parties cannot come to an agreement and bang their heads together, thus allowing the Awards to be shown live on Sky Sports F1 and streamed online, I don’t know. It is madness, and the fans lose out, again. Either that, or someone high up in the Sky Sports F1 chain just does not think the Awards are important to show live.

Fans vote in these awards, so they should be able to watch it live via the internet or on TV. It is 2013, after all. As always, I’ll update the blog with schedule times.

Update on December 18th – The highlights are 60 minutes long, and will première on Christmas Day at 18:00.

Update on December 23rd – The first few air-times over the festive period are as follows:

– Wednesday 25th December, 18:00
– Wednesday 25th December, 23:30
– Friday 27th December, 19:00
– Friday 27th December, 23:40
– Tuesday 31st December, 19:00
– Thursday 2nd January, 18:00

Note that it is also on Sky+’s On Demand service for those with access to that.

One thought on “Highlights of AUTOSPORT Awards 2013 to be shown on Sky Sports F1

  1. The clips on youtube of the 2011 awards are brilliant. Steve Ryder, Martin Brundle, Button and Vettel making fun of each other – especially Brundle and Ryder about leaving the BBC.

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