Sky Sports wins FIA award for second year in a row

Sky Sports have won one of the two Formula One Promotional Trophies in the FIA Gala awards for the second year running, it was announced last night. The team won the Television Trophy, succeeded BBC Sport, who won the award in 2011.

In the article on the Sky Sports website, Barney Francis, managing director of Sky Sports, says: “To win this award twice in two years is a great honour and recognition for the incredible hard work of our Sky Sports F1 production team. The award reflects the passion we have for innovation, creativity and production standards, not just in Formula 1 but across all our sports. We aim to provide the best quality coverage as well as best set of rights and we’re very proud to receive such recognition.”

Martin Turner, the channel’s executive producer, added: “Formula 1 is a sport with passionate and knowledgeable fans that deserve the ultimate coverage. If you’re not at the Grand Prix, we want Sky Sports F1 to be the next best place to be. This award gives us another reason to keep improving and we’re working on several exciting ideas for next season.”

Again, the article has a near identical line to last year: “Sky Sports F1 HD will continue throughout the winter with regular F1 programming as well as coverage of the build-up to the new season including test sessions in February.” That can be spun many ways, so we shall see what happens where that is concerned.


3 thoughts on “Sky Sports wins FIA award for second year in a row

  1. ‘The award reflects the.. production standards’ I don’t know what he’s watching but it’s not SkyF1.

    SkyF1 has some of the worst production standards I’ve ever seen. Their lack of consistent quality is even more jarring than low rent telly.

    When something is consistently cheap, like MOTORS TV’s, after a while you can ignore it and watch the content. SkyF1 unfortunately bounces technically between very good and appalling student project.

  2. I sub to Sky and I’m frustrated by the coverage yet again – it swings between moments of brilliance to acceptably good and then to some shockingly crap and thrown-together stuff.

    The coverage could be scored with a higher average simply because they have every single session, but when they shotgun ad breaks over everything except quali and the race can it really be called full coverage? If you factor in everything, the Beeb on balance still did it better (and for less money). They were innovating with their online streaming and multiple feed availability ages before Sky mustered up the courage.

    The first couple of race weekends on Sky Sports F1 were dismal, customers couldn’t view the interactive features as they cocked up the subscriber details — and the Silverlight “Race Control” interactive web site app is still terribly buggy. (I’ve had email correspondence with several BSkyB people about it over the course of the past two years.)

    And let’s not go into the lack of interactive availability on smartphones or tablets, save the hallowed iDevices…

    But money talks. Having seen the shipping containers of gear they hulk to every race, it’s only a matter of time. This article’s subheadline should be: BSkyB In Continued Unsubtle Push For Exclusive Worldwide F1 Broadcaster Rights Shocker. Give it another few years, FOM will throw the towel in and every broadcaster will have to pay Sky for the World Feed.

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