Scheduling: The 2014 Jerez test on Sky Sports F1

The scheduling details of Sky Sports F1’s coverage of the first Formula 1 test of the 2014 season from Jerez have today been confirmed. There will be an hour’s action from each day, up on the half an hour from last year. As with last year, this consists of a round-up show followed by Ted Kravitz’s Notebook. The usual Sky Sports News updates will continue throughout each day.

Friday 24th January
20:00 to 20:15 – McLaren MP4-29 Launch
– repeated at various times

Tuesday 28th January
21:00 to 21:35 – Day 1 Highlights
– round-up at 21:00
– Ted’s Notebook at 21:15
21:35 to 21:45 – Rush Movie Competition
– repeated at various times
23:00 to 23:35 – Day 1 Highlights (R)

Wednesday 29th January
21:00 to 21:35 – Day 2 Highlights
– round-up at 21:00
– Ted’s Notebook at 21:15
23:00 to 23:35 – Day 2 Highlights (R)

Thursday 30th January
21:00 to 21:35 – Day 3 Highlights
– round-up at 21:00
– Ted’s Notebook at 21:15
23:00 to 23:35 – Day 3 Highlights (R)

Friday 31st January
20:30 to 21:00 – The F1 Show Special: The MM Hall of Fame Awards
– see here for more details
21:00 to 21:35 – Day 4 Highlights
– round-up at 21:00
– Ted’s Notebook at 21:15
23:30 to 23:35 – Day 4 Highlights (R)

Saturday 1st February
11:00 to 11:35 – Day 1 Highlights (R)
11:35 to 12:10 – Day 2 Highlights (R)
12:10 to 12:45 – Day 3 Highlights (R)
12:45 to 13:20 – Day 4 Highlights (R)

As of writing, there is currently no live action scheduled. I think I should quote from my piece last month about Sky’s coverage where that is concerned:

I normally would say that I hope live testing returns for 2014, with testing more critical than ever next season. Three letters, one word: FOM. If Sky want to screen testing live, once again they have to go through them. As always, FOM give Sky access, Sky can’t just walk in and around a live F1 circuit with cameras and start filming. So, we’ll see what happens.

It is possible that it could be added last minute, or nearer the time once it is clearer who is doing what. I’m not sure it will, but again we will have to wait and see. As always, I’ll update the blog when anything changes.

Update on 8th January at 22:30 – I’ve added the Saturday repeat airings in, whilst it should also be noted that repeats of the Jerez test are scheduled multiple times in the following week. There’s also several Car Unveiling place-holder shows in the schedules, but all are TBA so there is not much point in adding it yet above.

Update on 11th January at 18:40 – The schedule has changed, and we’re back to the 2013 scheduling, it appears.

Update on 21st January at 17:10 – McLaren car launch now added, and a 10-minute filler entitled “Rush Movie Competition”. Regarding the latter, yes, really. The description for that is “Find out more about an opportunity to win a host of Formula 1 prizes including four VIP seats at the 2014 British Grand Prix at Silverstone in July.”

6 thoughts on “Scheduling: The 2014 Jerez test on Sky Sports F1

  1. it was interesting to see testing last last year as that ticked a box for me but it quickly became incredibly dull. it was like the first 30 minutes of any practice session repeated over and over

  2. Agreed, the testing doesn’t make good TV, and actually puts some people off F1, even avid F1 fans can become less enthused about the opening race of the season after watching the rather dull pre-season tests.

      1. I can’t see that many ‘avid’ F1 fans would not watch come Melbourne if they’ve devoted hours to watch pre-season testing. It’s the hardcore that will tune in and are used to the periods on Friday where no one runs.

        I happily listen to Radio Le Mans cover Le Mans test day (with no pictures) and it doesn’t put me off the race itself when it comes around.

        Personally I’d love to see more testing coverage across motor sport. Take the ‘Roar before the 24’ (Daytona) the only real coverage I got was tweets from people like Shea Adam (who had paid for her ticket to go there!) and timing and scoring. Especially baffling in that case when they’ve got a new series (TUSCC) to launch!

  3. Didnt said Ted on Sky Sports News yesterday, that Sky Sports F1 is broadcasting live?
    Or did i got that wrong?

  4. Very disappointing that for my expensive Sky subscription only gets me a 15 min report each day.
    Never mind, I’ve been enjoying the excellent ‘free’ live txt coverage on the BBC website instead!

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