Sky Sports F1’s pre-Australia schedule takes shape

Whilst I won’t be publishing the full Australian Grand Prix weekend schedule for BBC and Sky until early March, provisional scheduling details are out for Sky Sports F1, showing all details from now until March 14th.

Below are the key details…

The F1 Show is back on Friday 7th March at 20:00. The launch show, surprisingly in my view is only listed as a normal one hour episode, I was hoping it would be more like what they did in 2012 given that there is no testing live this year unlike in 2013. Natalie Pinkham and Ted Kravitz are back as presenters.

– Viewers are being given the chance to vote for their Race of the Century. The clue is in the title, presumably any race from 20th century can be chosen, although I imagine Sky will choose ten races and then the viewers narrow it down to three. The winning classic race will be shown on Friday 7th March at 21:00, second place on the Saturday and third place on the Sunday (same time). A novel take would be to have David Croft and Martin Brundle and A.N. Other, depending on race, re-voice it over ‘as live’, but not sure what the chances of that are.

Classic F1 races are back! As an aside to the race of the century thing that Sky are doing, we are also getting the usual five races per weekend it appears. For Australia, we have 1985, 1986, 1987, 1989 and 1990.

– The Thursday and Friday press conferences are back, both live. Gear Up for Australia, which shows the Thursday interviews returns as well, albeit still in a 15 minute slot.

– There’s a two part, fifteen minutes each, series called Pinkham’s F1, where Natalie Pinkham introduces Formula 1 to novice fans. This is on several times.

– A programme called Horse Power which premières on Friday 14th March at 10:30 Saturday 8th March at 21:00 on Sky2 (no idea why its first airing is not on Sky F1). The description says: “Exclusive access behind the scenes at Ferrari as they prepare for the biggest raft of rule changes in a generation ahead of the 2014 Formula 1 season.” – which to me sounds very promising and definitely worth a watch. The programme is a Whisper Films production, the company set up by Jake Humphrey and David Coulthard, who also produced the fantastic Red Bull documentary at the back end of 2012.

Nothing unexpected in the practice scheduling details for Australia, all as expected regarding programme lengths. Also, as an aside but worth noting, I’ve decided to update the coverage page with the Sky team added, although it has not been made official in a press release (for whatever reason), I think we can say with some certainty that no one is leaving. In previous years, we knew the team through Sky Media putting up a package online for prospective sponsors, which hasn’t happened this year, in turn I suspect that means Rolex and Shell and back as Sky Sports F1’s sponsors for 2014. I’ll update this blog post with more details as and when they are revealed, especially concerning race of the century.

Update on February 25th – Sky have confirmed the ‘Race of the Century’ programming. They’ve narrowed it down to ten: 2000 Germany, 2000 Belgian, 2003 British, 2005 Japanese, 2008 Brazilian, 2010 Abu Dhabi, 2011 Chinese, 2011 Canadian, 2012 European and 2012 Brazilian GP. As noted above, I would have liked to have seen a novel take on proceedings (i.e. new commentary, for example) given that the majority of those chosen were shown last year, but still a nice idea anyway. I don’t know whether they got Lewis Hamilton to tweet this or not, but a very good way for Sky to promote things.

Update on March 5th – Two new programmes have been added to the schedules, which I’ve added to the above list. Any updates beyond Friday I will put on the Australia schedule piece instead of here.

One thought on “Sky Sports F1’s pre-Australia schedule takes shape

  1. Japan 05 for me as that wasn’t shown when it should’ve been, some of the others are too recent, and some have been shown numerous times already.

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