Sky max out schedule with classic races

It appears that Sky Sports F1 have had a Winter clean, as today’s schedule updates for the channel following the Australian Grand Prix reveal some perhaps surprising developments.

Ted’s Notebook remains, continuing to be fifteen minutes in length.
– Sky are repeating the Classic F1 races that they originally shown last year. Conviently, Sky repeating those races last December meant that I made a full list of them on the aforementioned link. In between Australia and Malaysia, schedules already show Japan 1998, USA 1981, Abu Dhabi 2010, Japan 1988 and Brazil 2003. Interestingly, I don’t think that USA 1981 has been shown before on Sky Sports F1, so that race at least is new. If Sky have flexibility to do this, and if they plan to, I’d much prefer to see an entire season across two or three weeks as I have advocated on this blog before.
Midweek Report is back! A new timeslot, Wednesday’s at 20:30. I hope Anna Woolhouse is back presenting, and I hope the discussion and guests differs from the main Sky Sports F1 team, please don’t turn it into ‘another show’, Sky.
F1 Legends returns with Juan Pablo Montoya, an edition I’m definitely looking forward to.

Those four points are not surprising. However, Weekend in Stills, Fast Track, Inside Track are not in the schedule, nor are the Brundle and Pinkham fifteen minute segments that Sky created last season. If you were hoping for Sky to create new programming aside from their 2013 offerings between races you are going to be disappointed, however if you want to sit down and watch a classic race each night I think you’ll be pretty pleased. Regarding new programming, I am wondered what has happened to the Max Chilton series that they were meant to be filming with him last season, as talk on that front has gone quiet from all directions.

A final note is that Sky’s race day programme will continue to be split into three for 2014, Australia is down as three separate shows. Remember that, when it comes to PR reporting should viewing figures be down year-on-year, if you’re going to compare, do it fairly. As The F1 Broadcasting Blog intends to throughout the upcoming season…

Of course schedules are subject to change, so I’ll update this blog post if anything post-Australia scheduling wise changes.

Update on February 25th – Sky are indeed maxing out on classic races, one race a day from March 7th through to December 31st. In terms of content, I don’t think there will be more content, just that the scheduling will actually make sense in 2014. And hey, they are actually promoting it, which is good!

Update on March 3rd – Forgot to say that Sky’s schedules do indeed confirm Anna Woolhouse as host of the Midweek Report again.

7 thoughts on “Sky max out schedule with classic races

    1. may help mclaren get a title sponsor this year. They can see we bring customers in for sponsors even after 10 or 15 years.

  1. Ted’s Notebook should be 30mins (15 for quali).

    Montoya is definitely one I’ll make sure I watch.

    Midweek Report being back is good, hopefully will have journalists rather than the Sky Sports team.

    Repeating classic races is a bit meh, but at the same time, even if they could show every race ever held in chronological order, eventually they’d end up repeating them, so…..yeah.

  2. i like the classic races to but there are lot on youtube which is free. it does make realize how much f1 racing has changed for the worst

  3. nice to see that there will be a race every night. Means there will be some original content almost every night which should increasing viewing figures

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