Martin Turner answers fans questions: testing, adverts and more

As noted during one of Ted Kravitz’s Notebook’s through the weekend, Kravitz asked Sky Sports F1’s Executive Producer Martin Turner a series of questions. The key bits I have posted below whilst the video can be found here.

When asked why testing is not being covered live on Sky F1, Turner said: “Well first of all, we have been live at every test, we have Craig [Slater] and Rachel [Brookes] doing their live throws all throughout the day and we feel that is the best way of telling the story. We’re also telling the story on mobile, on app, on live blog commentary and we think they’ve gone down really well. [..] It is a great way of bringing it to a new audience as well [through Sky Sports News]. [..] Sometimes during testing, there are no cars on the track and that is quite a difficult story to tell live, but we hope the story we’re telling, and the variety of ways that we are telling it are going down particularly well.”

His line later on, noting that “live is always better than recorded” amused me considering Sky Sports F1 has been showing recorded content for months, and have not had one live programme yet in 2014 despite having the opportunity to do so. Even if testing was not live, The F1 Show for some reason is starting several weeks later than last year. Turner confirms that Natalie Pinkham will present every F1 Show, with the co-presenter rotating between Kravitz, David Croft and Simon Lazenby. There will again be two F1 Show’s in Monaco and Britain as usual, and Pit Wall Live is back. Regarding adverts in races, Turner said: “There never have been ad-breaks in races [on Sky], and there never will be.”

There’s a few more interesting bits in there, and it is worth a watch but those are the few bits I have picked out.

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