Sky F1 moving EPG slots in Sky Sports reshuffle

Sky Sports F1 is moving EPG slots on the Sky platform in what is a major reshuffle for the portfolio of channels.

The move, which will happen on August 12th, will see:

– 401 = Sky Sports News HQ (was 405)
– 402 = Sky Sports 1 (was 401)
– 403 = Sky Sports 2 (was 402)
– 404 = Sky Sports 3 (was 403)
– 405 = Sky Sports 4 (was 404)
– 406 = Sky Sports 5 (new)
– 407 = Sky Sports F1 (was 406)

This seems like a lot of unnecessary changing for one new channel, if I’m going to be honest. F1’s viewing figures may be slightly affected, but I don’t anticipate any major knock in effects.

No word if Virgin Media will be following suite with a reshuffle (update – turns out it moved on Virgin last week). It means that this weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix will be its last in the current EPG slot.


3 thoughts on “Sky F1 moving EPG slots in Sky Sports reshuffle

  1. That’s stupid. SS1 on 01 etc. was logical. Why not have them 01-05 for the Sports Channels, 07 for News and 06 for F1? Makes much better sense then all their sport channels are together, and news after them. Simple.

  2. That’s going to completely baffle me to be honest. When I think of Sky Sports 1, I think of 401, not 402. That’s such a completely illogical move as far as I’m concerned. People will automatically put in 401 for Sky Sports 1 and be puzzled when they’re faced with SSN.

    It makes precisely 0% sense. I can’t even think of a half plausible reason for it. All they needed to do was move SSN to 406 and SSF1 to 407, leave the rest as they are.

    Totally totally loopy decision making in my view.

  3. Agreed. Totally illogical. If Sky wants Sky Sports News lower down the order, why not move it to 400? It would free up 405 for SS5 and SkyF1 could stay on 406… The managers who make these decisions must be idiots!

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