Now TV’s prices to drop, albeit temporarily

A good news story for Formula 1 fans is that the price of Now TV is set to drop, albeit temporarily. The price drop will apply from Thursday 14th August through to Thursday 27th November. Alongside this, a new Sky Sports Weekly Pass is being introduced. The prices are as follows:

– Day Pass: £6.99
– Weekly Pass: £10.99

At the end of the time period, both prices will go up. I assume the Day Pass will go back up to £9.99, whilst the Weekly Pass will go up to around £15.00. I’ve mentioned before my thoughts on those prices, the Day Pass in particular at £9.99 is a rip off to put it nicely. The new Day Pass price at £6.99 is better in my opinion, but we will see what happens come November.

I’m not going to do a full post such as this, because Sky’s and BT’s prices are both going up within the next two months, so it would be rendered redundant quite soon! With Singapore, USA and Brazil the only Sky exclusive races left, it means that fans can watch all three races for £20.97. If you were to change that to three weekly passes, and the price increases to £32.97. The weekly pass is definitely better value for money if you don’t want to take Sky’s TV packages.


4 thoughts on “Now TV’s prices to drop, albeit temporarily

  1. I will have nothing to do with paying to watch F1. We get it free to air with a few adds to put up with. I like F1 but will not pay an excessive price to watch it.

  2. On the good side paying for 3 weekly passes you can watch every race for £32.97 + £9.99 for a NOW TV box if you don’t own one, making a total cost of £42.96 for 3 months of racing. This is the equivalent of 1 month Sky Sports subscription.

  3. This is not a good news story, as all pay to view it is bad news for fans, and great way to put people off the sport.

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