Sky pull remainder of today’s schedule

In light of this morning’s events in Japan, Sky have pulled the remainder of today’s F1 programming on Sky Sports F1. For the record, this is how the revised schedule for today (Sunday 5th October 2014) went:

06:00 – Live Japanese Grand Prix
10:15 – GP Heroes: Niki Lauda
11:15 – Horse Power
12:15 to 06:00 – Your Home of Formula One

Paddock Live was integrated into the main programme although in reality it was not your typical post-race show. Any programming related to the Japanese Grand Prix weekend was dropped, including Ted’s post-race Notebook (presumably they never filmed a notebook) and highlights showings. Their Classic F1 race, highlights of the 1994 Japanese Grand Prix, was also dropped.

BBC aired their highlights programme as normal at 13:15, this was accompanied by a message from Suzi Perry at the start of the show noting Jules Bianchi’s current condition, but that the accident would not be shown in the broadcast (as was the case in the live airing). For those stumbling across this post, as is always the case, BBC and Sky take the Formula One Management (FOM) World Feed, which did not play out Bianchi’s accident.

Update on October 5th at 18:00 – Sky have pulled repeats of practice that were meant to be broadcast tomorrow morning (Monday 6th October), and will remain off-air until at least 13:00.

Update on October 6th – Sky went back to their normal schedule at 13:00.


4 thoughts on “Sky pull remainder of today’s schedule

  1. I don’t get this at all.

    I don’t think continuing to broadcast is disrespectful, in fact I think it’s overly dramatic and sensationalist.

    What was the point of pulling historic races?

    To me it smacked of panic at Sky F1, worried that they couldn’t fill the air time because all the teams were being ‘respectful’ as per their PR department instructions.

    Also possible panic about getting struck and transported to Russia in time, although Lazenby was probably concerned about missing some rugby coverage somewhere.

  2. Sky used it as an excuse not to broadcast F1, they’d like to cut the broadcast times for every GP as they’re haemorrhaging money.

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