Revamped Formula 1 website to launch in 2015

Following on from comments made by Bernie Ecclestone to Campaign Asia, which I analysed yesterday on this blog, I see that James Allen has confirmed that a revamped Formula 1 website will be launching in 2015.

Writing on his website, Allen said that, in response to falling viewing figures, Formula One Management “has now got a social media department at Ecclestone’s base in Princes Gate; it’s why they are investing in a new for 2015 and in the official F1 app, which has sold over 3 million editions. had 67 million unique users last season and that is set to rise this year. The new site is set to engage the younger audience, using all the social media tools Ecclestone refers to and will have a level of personalisation and fan engagement which is way beyond what is there today.”

> May 2013 – FOM “may consider live streaming online”
> September 2014 – F1’s Twitter page finally hits the 21st century
> November 2014 – Are FOM taking the first steps to create their own “F1 Network”?

I’m very happy to read this. Although I can not say this with any certainty, I imagine that we could see a new version of the Formula 1 website during the off-season. The current version has been around since 2007, with a few aesthetic changes along the way, so it is about time that it has a complete overhaul. It will be interesting to see how Facebook and Twitter will be integrated into the website, given that FOM/FODM does not have a Facebook presence at the moment. I doubt we will see YouTube integration, unless FOM take the step of creating a YouTube account, which is highly unlikely.

Even if Ecclestone himself does not care much about social media, it is good to see that those under him do. As usual, Ecclestone’s comments do undermine the work of those behind the scenes at FOM/FODM, which is unfortunate as it looks like a lot will change in the next 12/24 months in their digital world. The website revamp, will only help a new generation become more interested in Formula 1, which in my view is absolutely critical for the sport in the next few years and beyond.


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