Nearly six million watch Rosberg’s title defeat in Germany

Whilst a peak audience of 7.9 million viewers watched Lewis Hamilton win Formula One title number two in the UK, over in Germany, viewing figures were solid, but not spectacular.

According to, an average audience of 5.74m (34.2%) watched the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix from 14:05 German time on RTL. A further 180k watched on Sky Deutschland, bringing the combined audience to about 5.9 million viewers. That compares with the 4.35m (25.3%) that watched the Singapore Grand Prix on RTL in September, so the UK and German uplift was broadly similar.

As widely documented, the TV ratings in Germany have sharply dropped this year by about 30 percent. In fact, that 5.74 million number above is identical to the number that watched the 2013 Belgian Grand Prix, which shows how much the numbers have dropped. In the context of the season, the number is good, but year-on-year, its not been a great year for Formula 1 numbers in Germany.

It will be interesting to see whether the numbers increase again in 2015 with Sebastian Vettel heading to Ferrari…


One thought on “Nearly six million watch Rosberg’s title defeat in Germany

  1. David, I’m somewhat bemused by falling audience figures in Germany, given that a German car dominated and a German driver was in the battle for the title right to the last race.

    Has the German free-to-air TV coverage been eroded since the advent of Pay TV, ie has that free broadcasting reduced its hours & reverted to Highlights packages (a la BBC)?
    Is F1 being actively promoted on German telly?

    I suspect that the Ecclestonian bribery/corruption case(s) have taken a toll, as no fan likes to find out just how rotten the power structure behind any major sport can be.

    The only other reason I can think of might be Kai Ebel’s dreadful shirts & hilarious trousers, but if that were so, surely EJ’s wardrobe would destroy the BBC’s ratings too. Send in the clowns …

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