Sky Sports unveil 2015 pre-season trailer

Sky Sports have unveiled their 2015 Formula One season trailer that will air in the run-up to the Australian Grand Prix. The trailer, aptly named #TheChasingPack, will air across Sky’s portfolio of channels from today.

It also marks the first time that promotion is being done across Sky’s pan-European network, meaning that viewers in Italy and Germany will get exactly the same trailer as UK audiences.

Behind the scenes shot of Sky Sports F1's #TheChasingPack shoot. Copyright: Sky Sports.
Behind the scenes shot of Sky Sports F1’s #TheChasingPack shoot. Copyright: Sky Sports.

Sky say that the trailer was shot over four days in Lake Arrowhead Forest, California at 7,000 feet, with 2 x Alexa cameras and 3 x GoPro cameras being used. The wolves used have appeared in shows such as Game of Thrones, Twilight and The Vampire Diaries. The trailer itself reflects a Formula One race, wolves being shot as if they were going around corners and down straights.

The entire campaign being based around pressure, as Sky themselves note: “The pressure of being an F1 World Champion and looking forward to the new season in the hopes of keeping the title, which means fighting off the other drivers who want the same. The drivers are compared to a pack of wolves with the pack leader (Lewis) fighting to stay at the front #thechasingpack.”

The trailer can be viewed below:


11 thoughts on “Sky Sports unveil 2015 pre-season trailer

  1. Interesting re the pan-Europe thing, I admit I haven’t watched too many of the Paddock Uncut’s usually just watch Ted’s Notebook (or Ask Crofty) and the SSN reports but did notice them using Antonio Boselli’s (from Sky Italia) interview with Vettel yesterday.

  2. A new low for Sky.

    Where this fails:-

    Concept – Wolves are pack animals, they work together in a group. F1 drivers are individuals, loners, they’d quite happily have nothing to do with fellow competitors. Pack alphas are actually parents, male and female, while the pack are offspring. Last time I checked Hamilton wasn’t Alonso’s dad!

    Viewer anticipation – Apart from the engine noise, which is too low in the mix compared to the bed music, there’s nothing in this promo that says F1, racing, competition or excitement. It’s like trying to get rodeo fans excited about a bull riding competition by putting some hoof noise over a mob of meerkats.

    Technically – The director clearly watched 5 minutes of F1 on Youtube. There’s maybe 1 camera angle that mimics F1 coverage to give the idea the wolves are cars, the rest bear no resemblance at all. The GoPro strapped to a wolves back makes it look like a Rude Tube clip. The compositing of the wolves over the F1 logo at the end is awful, looks like some wedding video green screen.

    So what we have is a lazy, inappropriate, unsympathetic, lackluster, technically poor promo.

    It may not get F1 fans excited about the new season but wow does it personify Skys coverage.

  3. It would have got Twilight fans excited a few years ago though!! Maybe that’s the group that they are aiming at!

  4. Interesting thought, they aim their output at sheepish football fans but their promos at tween girls.

    I suppose you can’t say they pigeonhole their audience!

    Maybe you can’t pigeonhole your audience if you have no idea who they are.

  5. Sky might have all the money in the world, but I am sure the BBC’s trailer will whet my appetitie rather more than this offering!

  6. Again, Sky shows how out of touch they are. An appalling trailer, I feel sorry for the poor sods wasting time filming it, and angry at the advertisers and marketers who came up with this awful idea. When I first saw this I thought they were recycling some documentary footage because they’d blown the budget on Football rights… Last year’s teaser was a lot better.

    1. Agreed on all points. This appears to have been made by some jobbing promo producer at Sky rather than anyone with motorsport experience.

      Unfortunately what tends to happen with these guys are they’re failed film directors and as such just make self indulgent crap that will look good on their showreel or allows them to play with stuff they haven’t used before.

      Based on the behind the scenes vid I’d guess the budget for this would buy you a flat in some cities. I’d much rather they’d spent the money on employing someone on the main race coverage crew with some motorsport knowledge rather than a group of rugby fans blowing the budget on rubbish.

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