Sky’s race day programme to split into four for 2015?

From one in 2012, to three at the back-end of 2013, to four for 2015. That’s right, it looks like Sky Sports F1’s race day programme will be split into four for the 2015 season. The schedule for the Australian Grand Prix shows this…

– 03:30 to 04:00 – Live Australian GP: Track Parade
– 04:00 to 04:30 – Live Australian GP: Pit Lane Live
– 04:30 to 07:30 – Live Australian GP: Race Show
– 07:30 to 08:15 – Live Australian GP: Paddock Live

As of writing, Malaysia still shows the ‘old style’ schedule, with no Pit Lane Live, but it may a case of that it just hasn’t been updated yet.

Either way, clearly Sky think that the three individual shows, at least from an EPG and ratings perspective, worked in 2014, and have decided to add a fourth show for 2015. Of course, the total run-time is identical, its just the number of shows that looks likely to be increasing.

4 thoughts on “Sky’s race day programme to split into four for 2015?

  1. I’d love to see how Sky represent their viewing figures to sponsors and advertisers as I suspect this is a smoke and mirrors figures exercise.

  2. That’s daft as the track parade bit only ever shows a few mins of the track parade, the rest of that ‘segment’ is the usual pitlane chat as normal

  3. excellent, no need to fast forward / rewind endlessly to find the relevant interviews in the pre show anymore!!!

  4. I found this v. annoying. Tuning in for the race show to find ‘random’ interviews. No proper introduction, thrown in the middle of the build up. Poor…

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