F1 launches on YouTube and Instagram

YouTube and Instagram have completed what has been a big week for Formula One Management as the 2015 season got under way this morning in Australia.

> March 12th – New website
> March 13th – New TV graphics
> March 14th – New YouTube channel
> March 14th – New Instagram feed

The YouTube channel launched with mostly previews of features from the official F1 App. As far as I can see, there is no exclusive content on their YouTube channel yet, but it is very early days. What did surprise me was seeing this video pop up on there:

Archive video? On an official F1 YouTube channel? What is this! The video content was not limited to YouTube. Votes were conducted on Twitter with videos embedded. The reason that 2002 Australian Grand Prix video appeared on YouTube was because of a Twitter vote asking users for their favourite Australian Grand Prix out of a choice of three:


There is nothing revolutionary on their YouTube channel, although one could argue that seeing an official F1 channel on YouTube is a revolution in itself. Their Instagram feed on the other hand did have exclusive content, with the F1 team posting images throughout race-day:

Whilst the off-track action seemed to dominate the agenda more than the race itself, it is safe to say that this is one good Formula 1 story that has unfolded in the past week.

2 thoughts on “F1 launches on YouTube and Instagram

  1. Rather heady days recently for you Dave.
    I liked the effort made on F1’s twitter feed for this first weekend.
    As has been said the YouTube page will not carry full races as the TV is still where FOM wants your eyes to go. Interesting though is the new deal done by IndyCar and Verizon to show all sessions except the race on it’s channel.


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